Is Blu-ray becoming a commodity?--Ask the Editors

Cnet: Just one year ago, HD DVD was selling tons of $99 players, Blu-ray players cost an unreasonable $400 or more, and we were advising buyers to hold off going Blu because the format wasn't quite ready yet. Now we're already wondering if Blu-ray is a commodity. It's a great illustration of how far the technology has come in just one year.

When a product is referred to as a commodity, that generally means that the differences between brands is so small that buyers treat all brands as essentially the same. For example, many would consider DVD players a commodity, and to a large extent we'd agree--aside from high-end models that offer exceptional DVD playback, most people don't care about the differences between players. That's we we've mostly stopped reviewing them.

If you look at our ratings for standalone Blu-ray players, it's easy to see that we clearly don't think Blu-ray is a commodity yet. Not all players are Profile 2.0 compliant, many don't have onboard decoding for Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio, operation speed still varies significantly, and quite a few players don't have perfect video quality when outputting a standard 1080p signal.

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Blademask3604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )

And they say no.


despite all the sales data, meh. Don't let that get in the way of your opinion.

elorm93603d ago

But my English teacher today preached to the class about how he got his new Blu-ray player :|

xenogamer3603d ago

come on poor ppl buy fvcking blu ray players so i dont have to read these stupid articles about blu ray not doing so well... Its awesome and worth it.

wallace10003603d ago

Where in that article did it say that blu-ray wasn't doing well?

jams_shop3604d ago

"Just one year ago, HD DVD was selling tons of $99 players" really??

Blademask3604d ago

if HD-DVD was selling 'tons' as Cnet is spinning. HD-DVD wouldn't be HD-DEAD.

CrippleH3603d ago

He forgot to add those were a Firesell. To clear out HD DVD because it was officially dead.

Fishy Fingers3604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )

You can pick up a stand alone for around £150 in the UK now (so probably cheaper everywhere else), and many are thrown in free with HDTV deals. It wasn't all that long ago that I was paying similar money for a decent DVD player.

BR is in a relatively tough spot, hard to market, how do you show someone using a SDTV how much better HDTV looks like? And BR can only really grow inline with HDTVs, so with all that considered I think BR has done fantastically to date, with a better adoption rate than DVD received. Of course if you have a SDTV then it's pointless, but if like me you spent a small fortune on a good HDTV you want to watch the best, otherwise whats the point? You've got a thin TV with a worst SD picture than most CRT TVs.


supremacy3604d ago

cNent owned by ms? need to say more? blu-ray is not a commodity blu- ray is a next gen format with prices as well as its benefits.

i don't know i mean i just reserved the dark knight so tomorrow i guess this commodity will consume me completely lol.

wallace10003603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

Are you kidding me, another person saying that CNET is owned by microsoft. They are owned by CBS!!!!

BeaArthur3604d ago

Let me just say this. Since watching my first Blu-ray I have not bought a DVD.

Karum3603d ago

I bought my PS3 before I had an HDTV but since getting my HDTV and seeing how amazing Blu-Ray is on it I haven't bought a single DVD either. I've even stopped downloading pirated DVD rips from torrent sites for new releases simply because I enjoy the Blu-Ray experience so much.

ThatArtGuy3603d ago

I agree with both of you. I only watch Blu unless there's no alternative.

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