Guitar Hero "Reaching its Peak" - Analyst

Edge writes: "Lagging Guitar Hero: World Tour sales are an indication that Activision's explosively popular series is finally "reaching its peak," claimed Electronic Entertainment Design and Research analyst Jesse Divnich in a Monday research note.

Ahead of U.S. NPD Group November sales data, Divich said, "Currently, we expect unit sales to decline by more than 50 percent series-over-series for November. This is coming off the October month where series-over-series units declined by more than 60 percent."

Guitar Hero: World Tour sales had been initially hampered by tight supply, but now Ebay reseller prices are beginning to register below the bundle's $189 retail tag, "a strong indication that demand and supply are currently in equilibrium," said Divnich."

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TomMcBaum3603d ago

What -- 12 releases announced or released since Neversoft took it over? Pluck that golden goose!