Death Stranding has sold five million copies on PS4 and PC

Death Stranding has sold through five million copies worldwide on PS4 and PC, developer Kojima Productions has said.

Speaking to, head of publishing Jay Boor says the game has performed 'quite well', and the studio is optimistic about the release of the Director's Cut on PlayStation 5 in September.

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Darkborn62d ago

That's actually better than I thought. Good job to Kojima.

solideagle62d ago

lol at those who claimed this game flopped hard :p

Darkborn62d ago

I just thought this game sold like maybe 2 million copies, not 5. Hideo Kojima came out a few months ago and said something like it was good and broke profit. Normally that means it sold just enough to start making a return.

Scissorman8262d ago

With absolutely no evidence either...:P But those insiders, tho...claiming millions of unpurchased copies of Death Stranding were piled up in a warehouse somewhere and that Sony was incredibly dissatisfied with the sales. By my estimation I would say that at least 3 million of those sales were on PS4.

Eonjay62d ago

It will probably sell another 2 million on the Director's Cut. Nice going for Kojima Productions.

Ausbo61d ago

I think people assumed that because Sony decided not to fund his next game.

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MADGameR62d ago

Face the facts, the majority of the 5 mil are on PS4. PC guys don't buy games.

62d ago
TheRealTedCruz62d ago


It was also on only one platform for how long before it came to PC?
It's kind of hard to judge sales figures when one platform already took the majority of hyped fans before it could even release elsewhere.

62d ago
ProjectVulcan61d ago

Just read the market revenue breakdown where PC's share is basically = to all console sales combined and has been for years.

Then continue stating your ignorance of the size of these gaming markets and who buys games. Embarrassing tbh.

61d ago
ProjectVulcan61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

When bringing up up old games like The Witcher 3 or similar that came out on PC which is of course considered 1 platform versus two separate console platforms at that time. Thereby hardly a surprise that console outsold PC 2:1 then, a totally predictable scenario when looking at a narrow specific case of one triple A multiplatform title.

If anyone actually bothered to read beyond the headline the article itself points that out.

In the end Witcher 3 on PC outsold the PS4 version.

I would also add that on PC games tend to sell for steadier but far longer rates than on consoles, where games sell quickly as the new hot title then often fizzle out. Not least because copies hit the used market. Again, logical if you apply two or more brain cells to the concept.

Thus we have to use revenue gamingwalrus because PC gaming is not as easily comparable at first glance. Not on game prices or on many specific new game sales. When idiots say PC gamers don't buy games they haven't a clue what they are talking about.

Obviously getting the shock of their lives when they find out people spend as much on PC software and services as a lone platform as all the consoles put together!

An inconvenient fact and truth for their weak and baseless assertion. PC gamers pay out plenty of money, but in different ways to just buying triple A boxed games. It is far less concentrated on these big budget cash cows console gamers spring for.

PC version of COD or Ass Creed didn't sell nearly as well as the five other console platforms it came out on! Well no shizz genius for the first obvious reason, and another because the PC market is a lot more diverse.

TheRealTedCruz61d ago (Edited 61d ago )


Generally speaking, when the hell did I ever once state I thought that the PC sales of Detroit would match that of the PS4?

I didn't.

The correct answer is that I simply pointed out that the game already sold to those who were excited about it, being it was a timed exclusive to one platform, and the ones most looking forward to it had already purchased it.

Keep being a warrior for your little multinational corporation, and being a cheerleader for them.

You, yourself, are ridiculous.

Oh, and just to add on to your idiocy, Witcher 3 has been outperforming, year after year, on PC, according to the developers themselves. Great job finding an article from 6 years ago that states the opposite, champ.
You're the prime example of being able to recreate your own world view if you try hard enough, and find very specific instances that hold to your viewpoint.

61d ago
ProjectVulcan61d ago

Hmm gamingwalrus, you seem to be ignorant of the facts again.

Witcher 3 sales as of April 2020
PC: 12 million
PS4: 10.8m

The PC version outsold the best selling console version. Exactly as I said. Nobody would claim PS4 gamers don't buy games right?

I'll pass on any of your other points if you can't even get this right. So much for PC gamers not buying games, it's a myth, a lie, totally baseless, you're wrong. Just as uninformed as all the others.

Thanks bye.

P.S my advice is maybe lay off the multiple accounts you are using to downvote everyone's posts and upvote your own even when you are proven incorrect mkay? It's meaningless anyway and a waste of your time and doesn't make you look any less wrong. But hey. Your call.

61d ago
ProjectVulcan61d ago (Edited 61d ago )


1: Brings up Witcher 3 sales of an example where PC gamers don't buy many copies by comparing combined sales after 18 months on multiple console platforms versus PC, a lone platform.

Then told by me that The Witcher 3 on PC actually outsold the PS4 version. Which was the biggest selling console from last gen, with the highest sales of the game on console. A perfectly fair like for like one platform versus one platform comparison.

2: Says the Witcher 3 on PC specifically DID NOT outsell the game on PS4

Proven incorrect by link to developer figures. The best selling platform for the game is PC, by a decent margin too.

3: Switches back to the 3 platform combined sales versus the lone platform that is PC, to hide embarrassing mega fail

'Combined consoles' is not a platform. PS4 is a platform. Xbox One is a platform. PC is a platform.

Projectvulcan 4 likes 0 dislikes on the previous comment pointing out gamingwalrus ignorance of Witcher 3 sales, over about an hour since posting.

Projectvulcan 4 likes 5 dislikes, all 5 dislikes occurring within 10 minutes of the next gamingwalrus response.

gamingwalrus then had 4 likes on its response, also appearing within those 10 minutes. Incredibly quick.

It's interesting that you suddenly had those 4 likes within those few minutes after you posted, along with my 5 dislikes.

You know, as if you logged through all the accounts and then disliked with the 5 you had available including gaming walrus, and then liked the gaming walrus reply with the other 4. Because of course one account can't like its own post. I have screenshots since my browsing is recorded.

Obvious multiple accounts is obvious. Caught bang to rights. Pretty sad stuff, but you did it. I happily await my next entirely meaningless, rapid 5 dislikes from you. Bye bye now.

61d ago
1nsomniac61d ago

I’m not arguing about how much it’s sold on any platform. I’m trying to save him the embarrassment of the stupid fanboy comment that pc gamers don’t buy games.

If your going to make such blatantly stupid comments, at least look up the sales figures for the big publishers, EA etc,..

PC is repeatedly their biggest overall channel of income year on year. They’ve repeated this publicly. Yes they’ll have certain franchises like COD for example that’s a more casual user base that will sell more on console. It will still sell by the millions in PC as well.

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ocelot0762d ago

I agree on the first part. I imagine that most of the sales came from PlayStation. But yer your wrong about pc owners not buying games.

ProjectVulcan62d ago

Steam had 120 million monthly active gamers in 2020, more than anyone who ever bought a PS4 the past 8 years. Pretty sure they buy games which is why Valve is a 10 billion dollar company.

Then there is the Chinese equivalent, WeGame. Owned by Tencent, which has at least 200 million users. Pretty sure a few of those buy games as well.

62d ago
lodossrage62d ago (Edited 62d ago )


I see the point you're trying to make. But the argument you presented actually enforces Madgamer and gamingwalrus' point.

Just read their comments, then yours and you'll see the problem

JEECE62d ago

Lol when you follow the "but the install base!" reasoning, you end up saying things like this.

ProjectVulcan61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Ok, besides obviously having a huge install base we can talk revenue.

PC gaming revenue as a whole was close to as much as PS4, Xbox One and the Switch COMBINED for many years of their lives. Literally ALL of the console segment.

Revenues per segment chart. Apparently this is surprising news to most on this site who are obviously rather ignorant of this, like MADGameR, gamingwalrus, JEECE and lodossrage. Bring the petty disagrees which are as meaningless as replies that don't acknowledge that. Just spewing nothing but straight facts.

'PC guys don't buy games' is blatantly a massive lie and should not be entertained. They buy games and pay for services, just not the same games and services as console gamers.

That's kind of the point of PC gaming, it's different to consoles. You're now educated better on this matter. You're welcome btw.

lodossrage61d ago


What ignorance are you talking about here? Nobody is debating the install base or revenue of the PC. It's not that it wasn't acknowledged, it's that it's not relevant to the point at hand.

All Mad and walrus said was the bulk of Death Strandings sales came from the PS4. Why you feel the need to call people "ignorant" on facts that NOBODY is disputing is beyond me.

Computersaysno61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Pc is a big platform but this is a playstation site so thats why you will get these replies.

ProjectVulcan61d ago


"All Mad and walrus said was the bulk of Death Strandings sales came from the PS4."

Hmm. Not quite. "PC guys don't buy games." claims MadgameR.

Obviously incorrect. All that PC revenue to match three major console platforms probably isn't charitable donations by PC gamers.

Why you need to pretend that this wasn't the point I was disputing and proving incorrect could also only really be explained by being wilfully ignorant.

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Doge62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Damn, that's craaaaaaazy bro!

But who the fuck asked?

Spenok62d ago

I'm pretty sure they just announced the game just passed the 1 mil mark on PC.

chrono120562d ago

Got my game on PC, the best way to play.

TheRealTedCruz62d ago

Oh shut up.
The fact I have just over 900 games on Steam; the fact there's been several successful storefronts that continue to thrive in the PC space; the simple fact that developers/publishers still bring their games over to PC shows that it is more than a viable market.

I'm tired of idiots like you who pretend the PC market is nothing but pirates.

62d ago
Shiore2u62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

@gamingwalrus To be fair, games are slim pickings on consoles compared to PC overall. Of course triple a titles will sell more on consoles, cause that's really all they get a majority of the time to pick from. So many months of anticipation, so many weeks of nothing new to play, even if the game ends up terrible it's still "something" to buy and play.

LegoIsAwesome61d ago

Don't cry tedcruz, its a known fact majority of the PC self proclaim master race dont buy games on or after launch. Majority of those people pirate games so stfu and don't cry, it's embarassing.

Shiore2u62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

And yet the PC gaming market makes billions more than the console gaming market and has for years now, even Sony and Microsoft have started cheating on their own dedicated userbases for it. How curious.

Eonjay61d ago

Wasn't it also exclusive to PS4 for like a year. Plus most games sell better on PlayStation anyway due to the sheer size of the install base.

61d ago
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Gardenia62d ago

I wonder of those 5 million, how many played past the first few hours.

62d ago
Lexreborn262d ago

@Banthis see the problem with that is, I have played plenty of games that have made me feel that way but I just moved along. Assassin Creed games, Elder scroll games and plenty of MMOs never made it for me. And that’s okay.

Not every game is meant for me.

LoveSpuds62d ago

Earning the platinum was great fun for most of the 140 hours I put into it, I found the gameplay loop of delivering stuff very therapeutic. Once I had my ziplines sorted I was bouncing about the map like nobody's business.

Lexreborn262d ago

It really turned more into a world building/system building sim. And it was super simple yet effective. I typically get overwhelmed with games like that because I think of how much is about to happen.

Yet while playing this game, I was really enjoying it. The intense moments with the spirits and first avoiding them to fighting back with insane results. The babies were insane and frequently had me questioning what I was doing.

And the interactions with people and having the choice on how to handle them really gave a lot of freedom and choice. The game was wayyyy more then I envisioned it to be

Snakeeater2562d ago

I tried really hard to have fun but I ended up Waisting 8 hours

ravinash62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

I speant 72 hours on it so far.
Its not for everyone and thats fine.
Personally it makes a nice change of pace from all the shooters and you can just spend your time exploring.

Amplitude62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

I lasted about 6 hours before quitting. Just wasn't for me and that's alright

StoneyYoshi62d ago

You can kind of get an idea of this based off the trophy list percentages on PS at least. Basing off the trophy list. 28.5% beat the main story which is up to chapter 14. 96% beat the prologue, 87% finished episode 1. 54% finished episode 2 and keeps going down after each episode trophy. So over 50% have played past the first few hours. But this wont count anybody playing their PS offline all the time but thats probably still a smaller percentage anyway.

Sitdown62d ago

I haven't played a single second of it, but I definitely purchased the collector's edition when it was on sale.

P_Bomb62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

28.5% completion rate on PlayStation according to the trophies. I did my part.

Ziplines were key!

You beat me to it, lol

Vizigoth0462d ago

I’m not going to lie. I put in so many hours rebuilding highways that I felt kind a Department of Transportation employee. I played quite a bit until FF 7 Remake came out. I’m fairly certain that’s what got me distracted from DS. I will probably restart after getting the Directors Cut though.

P_Bomb62d ago

lol, naw I hear ya! I’ve talked about my double-map spanning transportation infrastructure on here a few times. My zipline transit I was most proud of ;)

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aaronaton62d ago

Slightly unrelated, but i wanted to check which had sold more; Death Stranding or MGSV.
MGSV sold 3miliion physical copies in its 1st week, with 72% of those being on PS4. Interestingly though the PS3 and Xbox360 only managed 3% and 2% respectively, which begs the question of 'why even bother developing for last gen systems?'

JEECE62d ago

Lol even though MGSV came out in 2015, less than 2 years after PS4 and XONE launched, while PS3/360 had a substantially larger install base. I expect some similar splits, although these publishers who are gimping their games for last gen are probably going to do everything they can to obscure poor last gen sales.

Ezio204862d ago

MgsV has sold over 6 million copies. And even that is a very old number.

CantThinkOfAUsername61d ago

MGS is an established franchise with a big fanbase. It's apples to oranges comparison.

matt13962d ago

Such a bland lethargic experience, a complete letdown considering the mysterious trailers and hype that surrounded it. Silent Hill would have been 10x better.

LoveSpuds62d ago

I disagree squire, with respect. I can see it would be an acquired taste, but I loved my time with it.

matt13962d ago

Glad you enjoyed it. It’s definitely unique and I perhaps shouldn’t be expressing my opinion as fact. It has a very mixed reaction, typical marmite game.

LoveSpuds61d ago

To say it was met with a mixed reception is an understatement chief, deffo a polarising title.

I still cannot help but feel that some of the loudest noise was generated by the usual minority of Xbox fanboys tbough. But I absolutely appreciate that people like yourself could bounce right off the game.....its a strange game 😄

Have a great week duder.

Snakeeater2562d ago

The game is creative but boring

Traecy62d ago

To each their own. I enjoyed the unique experience for what it was.

JEECE62d ago

Everyone who reads this comment is assuming you primarily play annualized games and battle royales, btw.

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