The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles Screenshots

The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles is the official expansion for Oblivion – the 2006 RPG and Game of the Year. It features more than 30 hours of new gameplay as you are sent to explore an entirely new plane of Oblivion – the realm of Sheogorath, the Daedric Prince of Madness.

Shivering Isles adds to the existing world of Oblivion, so you can continue playing with your existing save game/character, or create an all new character just to explore the new content in Shivering Isles. New creatures, weapons, armor, ingredients, branching questlines, and more await in the land of Mania and Dementia.

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UnderpaidHonky4908d ago

This is gonna be insane. Can't wait untill it comes out. More enemies, armor, weapons, etc. And 30+ hours of gameplay. Sweet!

mucho 994907d ago

Don't you mean 300+ hours

Nintenuendo4908d ago

Maybe they got tired of people complaining about how bland some of Oblivions surroundings could be, so they're trying to bring back the feel of Morrowing. Not a bad thing in my opinion.

Havince4908d ago

is what i need ta know. it wont be cheap. also i wonder if this download will be the 1st where they are bringing it out with NEW achievments, it would make sense

hells henchman4907d ago

there are 10 new achievements worth 250 points

chitown4907d ago

i just started to play morrowind again on my xbox and i love it. its somuh fun as second time around. cant wait for this expansionby the way

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