Microsoft Flight Simulator is a true graphical showcase for Xbox Series X|S

Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S serves as an impressive technical showcase, with impressive results, especially on the $299 console.

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Gunstar75609d ago

Downloading as we speak...type...

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Vx_608d ago

Had this n PC when it first came out, one of the most boring games I’ve ever played, deleted after a week or so.

iplay1up2609d ago

This game is a true current gen showcase! The entire world, real time air traffic and weather. I watched a 30 min YouTube video, about the making of this. The effort the developers went through to make this Sim as authentic as possible is outstanding!

ArmorOfGod609d ago

PS5 & Series X owner here - I feel like this is the first “truly” next gen experience that couldn’t be done on last gen consoles. There are some neat bells and whistles on the other “current gen only” exclusives but nothing that couldn’t be pulled back just a bit to get the games working on last gen. This game simply could not be done on last gen hardware. Beyond impressive.

generic-user-name609d ago

How would you 'pull back' the 'neat bells and whistles' in R&C without destroying the flow of the game? And what is it about Microsoft Flight Simulator that couldn't be done on last gen considering it can run on some modest PCs as long as the graphic settings aren't turned up to ultra?

Ausbo609d ago

I’m not going to speak on ratchet, but Microsoft flight sim would not be possible on the Jaguar cpus from last gen. They’ve said as much, and the game is very cpu intensive.

DJStotty608d ago


"How would you 'pull back' the 'neat bells and whistles' in R&C without destroying the flow of the game?"

1 - Loading screens
2 - Remove RT
3 - Remove higher quality assets

There is always a way to get a game running by scaling back/porting.

ufo8mycat608d ago

@generic Ratchet could easily work on last gen.
- Remove Ray Tracing
- Lower resolution
- Lower texture/lighting detail

Albeit, it would run at 30fps and there would be loading in between worlds, but it would still run fine.

And this isn't to take anything away from Ratchet, as the game looks and runs amazing!

As for Flight Sim, probably be more difficult and it wouldn't because of how CPU intensive it is, but I have zero interest in it. I don't find those types of "games" fun.

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outsider1624608d ago

Is playing with just a controller good enough for these kind of sims? Would a flight stick and yoke be worth it?

yeahokwhatever608d ago

I play it on my PC with an xbox controller. Its fine, controller works pretty great. Kinda gets boring after you've flown around all the places you know... still a neat game though. A BIT overhyped in the recent news, obviously a marketing push.. I'm sure its more fun with the proper inputs, just like racing games. :-)

StoneyYoshi609d ago (Edited 609d ago )

So from what I read the quality of the environment will depend on your internet speed unless you want to double the games file size for offline mode but still have a lower quality experience, the controller options are gimped compared to PC until later this year, UI is clunky and unintuitive for a controller, No performance mode on XSX... Slower paced game or not, a simulation game always feels better at higher frame-rates. its a good way to get your feet wet in this game if you don't have a proper PC to play it but for myself, I'll just stick to playing this on PC when I choose to play around with it.

iplay1up2609d ago

High end PC's don't run this game much better than Series X.

StoneyYoshi609d ago (Edited 609d ago )

Thats not really true after the latest performance patch they released. This was Asobo's comparison video about it running a i79700k and a 2060 super. The performance has doubled in the comparison.

Disagree all you want. this video link proves you and anyone else that disagrees wrong. 😃

Fntastic609d ago

False, as StoneyYoshi said you can get near 60FPS now even with a low-end GPU and a mid-end CPU thanks to the optimisation update.

Rude-ro609d ago

Pc’s are only capable of what the software allows…
Your point makes no sense

Jericho1337609d ago

“From what I read…” you can stop right there then and wait for people who’ve played it to report back.

StoneyYoshi609d ago

Ive played it on PC. I have no reason to have a XSX to play it when I have better performance on PC.
And to be fair, what I read was from someone who played it and they reported it in this article...

iplay1up2609d ago

Uh,you do know ALL Xbox consoles have keyboard and mouse support. They also support flight sticks.

StoneyYoshi609d ago

Im aware of keyboard and mouse support. But I will admit I was mistaken about the lack of flight stick support. Thats what happens when you skim lol. However, I still stand by my statement and factual evidence about 60FPS being possible on PC's now VS on XSX.

Father__Merrin609d ago

What are the graphics like up close or do you have to download packs for that. Il be trying it out myself tomorrow

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LM1213609d ago

what happens if you try to land on the water?

Rude-ro609d ago

There is no landing besides runwaysj

iplay1up2609d ago (Edited 609d ago )

That is completely WRONG! You can land on H20, as well as other surfaces! Why comment if you don't know what you are even talking about? Go to YouTube and watch the planes land!

Microsoft painstakingly made all planes as authentic as possible! They even scanned all of them. If it can land on water in real life it can also in game!

Gamer75609d ago

There are float planes in the game so yes there is water landings

Tedakin609d ago

I saw a video of a plane doing a water landing. It was obviously a plane designed to do that.

glennhkboy609d ago

But I'm also interested to try crush-land a jumbo jet like A330 on water........

DJStotty608d ago


"There is no landing besides runways"

(Game contains water planes).... erm..... but..... nevermind

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tbagmonster609d ago

you can land on water with certain planes

mudakoshaka608d ago

You will just crash and the menu will come up, if you ”land” on water with a Boeing. So no submersion or such under water. If you use the plane that can land on water, then you can land on almost any water surface and almost ride like a motorboat. I do it in Dubai’s waters often.

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