The Switch Still Has One Big Advantage Over the Steam Deck

The Nintendo Switch has a new competitor in the market it stood alone in for the last few years, but it offers something the Steam Deck can't.

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Jin_Sakai55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

I like Nintendo Switch and the detachable Joy-Cons. There’s a reason Switch is nearing 100 million sales. People buy Nintendo hardware to play Nintendo games.

I like that they’re finally moving to an OLED display but there’s no denying the internals are severely outdated. Then again Nintendo hasn’t chases specs since N64.

z2g55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

I feel exactly opposite about everything you just said. I am sick of Nintendo catering to cartoon games, milking their IP while turning their backs on a majority market of gamers. I also think the joy con are horribly uncomfortable, clumsy and rarely have I ever removed them from the system. I think the Switch is great if you like cartoon Nintendo games.. for the rest of the 90% of the gaming market, it fails. The reason it has sold so well is b/c its hugely popular with kids, families and casual gamers... just like how Disney cartoons will always outsell other movies etc. but I'm not a casual gamer, nor do I want a casual portable gaming experience.


Oh god stop the elitist bs. A game isn’t “casual” because it’s cartoony. Some of the greatest games of the generation live on Nintendo consoles. I love playing the Switch on the tv and then effortlessly taking it out when my wife wants to watch something.

strifeblade55d ago

Your pretty late if you feel like that now. Nintendo been doing their own thing since the Wii. And I'm happy they're doing their own thing, I have my Xbox for high end and Nintendo for it's uniqueness. Wouldn't be good for the industry for Nintendo to follow suite with Sony and Xbox.

neutralgamer199255d ago


That's absurd man how can they not cater to majority and sell 100+ million? Steam deck will be lucky to sell fraction of that

Ever since steam deck people are downplaying switch but reality is Nintendo has one of the strongest brands

This is coming from someone who hasn't bought a Nintendo console since SNES. But fact is their IP's are some of the most well known in entertainment not just gaming

Ever since steam deck it's been nothing but hate towards switch. Both can be successful doing their own thing

I would happily buy a Nintendo console if they actually gave respectable specs and don't charge absurd amount for everything

Neonridr54d ago

good thing you speak for all of us, lol

Fist4achin54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

I agree with you from looking at the sales numbers difference of just these few games.

Astral Chain
Octopath Traveler

Animal Crossing
Pokemon Sword and Shield

Zelda BOTW would probably not sell with the casual market, but would sell well with both gamers and kids.

Zhipp54d ago

90% of the market doesn't like cartoony games? Just judging by the Switch's sales, I'd say it's closer to 40% or more. Not to mention that the recent sales success of Ratchet and Clank on the PS5 suggests that a significant portion of Sony's market don't mind cartoony graphics either.

Also, I think I need to point out that casual gamers are everywhere, and play a pretty wide variety of games. They're on every system, and they represent the majority of the gaming market. Nintendo is one of the few companies still making "gamey" games. That sort of pick up and play fun that you don't really have to think about. They offer something Sony and Microsoft do not. For that reason there's always gonna be a market for their games and systems.

pramath77754d ago

Lmao, this is such a shitty post (and it having so many upvotes tells us how dismal the state of this community is_

TheColbertinator54d ago

90% of the gaming market is casuals.

How do you think Fortnite, Minecraft, Pokemon and Mario bring in cash for their publishers? Get with the times.

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StonieWylder55d ago

Na they stopped chasing specs after the GameCube. It was the second most powerful console at its time only held back by disc storage. After that they just released a barley upgraded console with motion controls then released the Wii U which was already horribly outdated.

Mr Logic54d ago

Okay, fine. Explain Wii U

Zeref54d ago

People didn't know what it was

Mr Logic53d ago


Why does that matter? They know it's a Nintendo and the name Nintendo sells itself, because people buy the console to play Nintendo games. Or are you guys already backpedaling....?

Kosic54d ago

I bought a Nintendo switch to collect dust. At first I thought i bought it to play Nintendo games, but realistically I try not kid myself. I like knowing my switch is sitting in a draw not being used and collecting dust.

Nintendo games can be great. But a lot this gen just feel like rehash of older games but in HD. I'm curious on Botw 2 and the pokemon diamond remake.

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waverider55d ago

The only advantage are the games from nintendo. You can only play them on the Switch.

Si-Fly55d ago

Yup, that’s why I need both

Shiore2u55d ago

Switch emulation has been a thing for awhile now.

StonieWylder55d ago

I mean do tell how many people actually use that over using an actual switch. Because people keep bringing up emulation and don’t realize that the number of people that use it are only a fraction of the actual switch user base.

Vx_55d ago

Most switch games are not compatible with emulators as of today and according to the emulator compatibility list on their site.

Shiore2u55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

@StonieWylder Why does that matter? The option is there, that's what's important. It's possible and people do it. How many actually do is completely irrelevant when the argument is you can only play them on the switch, which is in fact false.

@Vx_ Actually a majority are playable just from Yuzu alone, with many also being perfect in compatibility.

StonieWylder54d ago

The first half of the argument is: “The only advantage are the games from nintendo“ which are indeed tied to the number of the user base. Because if the user base for the steam deck is anything like the steam machines they pumped out years ago, then it’s gonna flop. The steam deck just doesn’t have that dedicated user base like Nintendo does and that’s a fact.

CyberSentinel54d ago


Not many blue’s in that list.
Many don’t even boot.

Shiore2u54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

@StonieWylder It hasn't even released yet. Userbase is completely irrelevant to the Deck's hardware capabilities, the option to play switch games on your Deck is already there. It's a device that runs a Linux OS, that you can also install Windows to. Hell there's even a Linux version of Yuzu. A userbase doesn't stop this from already being a reality. What about this is so difficult for you to understand? Unless you're purposefully being myopic.

@CyberSentinel Keyword playable.

StonieWylder54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

The user base is relevant as the quoted argument is all Nintendo has as an advantage is just Their exclusives. So yes user base is relevant as they have a massive user base in comparison which is their largest advantage here, not just their games. So please base this ignorant argument somewhere else.

Neonridr54d ago

are we encouraging piracy now?

Shiore2u54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

@Neonridr The quoted argument is regarding games not userbase, dipshit. Userbase has nothing to do with the already existing software. Me buying a Deck, and installing Yuzu isn't gonna hit some invisible wall related to "userbase" that's going to stop me from playing Switch games on my Deck. There is no longer an advantage as I'm now playing my Switch games on something other than a Switch.

@Neonridr Emulation isn't piracy, this has been established legally for years. Downloading ROMs of what you don't already own is.

StonieWylder54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

And the one I’m quoting is, yet again for the lack of reading comprehension from you:
The only advantage are the games from nintendo. You can only play them on the Switch

Which that is not the only advantage.

So yes, keep touting the ignorant comments.

Shiore2u54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

@StonieWylder And as I stated before it's irrelevant. You're trying to tie games to the userbase, which in this case isn't an advantage anyway, as it doesn't matter when the argument is about games and the simple fact you can play switch games on other devices other than the Switch. How dense are you?

StonieWylder54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

“You're trying to tie games to the userbase, which in this case isn't an advantage anyway“

Boy if that doesn’t spell ignorance on how consoles work then I don’t know what would. Why do you think consoles and their exclusive sell so much on said consoles instead of emulation being bigger? Because of the userbase. If the userbase didn’t exist neither of those would excel and be successful. I have quoted what I’m arguing against and you keep looking stupid trying to thumb around it. So again take the ignorant argument somewhere else man.

Shiore2u54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

@StonieWylder None of what you said has ANYTHING, ANYTHING to do with games being playable on anything but the switch, you know, THE ORIGINAL ARGUMENT that I responded to by bringing up emulation, which negates their argument.

"The only advantage are the games from nintendo. You can only play them on the Switch."
"Switch emulation has been a thing for awhile now."
None of this makes your userbase comment even remotely relevant.

Seriously, see a neurologist.

StonieWylder54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

You responded to this quote:
The only advantage are the games from nintendo. You can only play them on the Switch

And I referenced it not being the only advantage. If you’re too narrow minded and keep swinging away from what’s in the quote to fit your agenda shows how narrow minded you are. So nothing here is negated just because you’re ignoring part of the quote.

And I’ll post the part you’re ignoring:

“The only advantage are the games from nintendo.”

So again, ignorance.

ABizzel154d ago


That's because the majority of n4g doesn't have a gaming PC, and based on the prior Steam Deck article about 30fps games the majority of n4g has absolutely no idea on specs / performance, and have no clue on how to even get the emulator up and running.

I've seen so many people claim to have gaming PCs on here, yet when one of the most basic articles came out about performing the overwhelming majority were sprouting nonsense, and had no idea what they were talking about.

How many people have it is unknown, but there are millions who are aware based it exist based on YouTube views. The amount of users doesn't take away from those who want to use it and get better performance than the Native hardware could ever imagine or even intended.

54d ago
wiz719154d ago

@Shiore2u minds well just buy a actual switch , instead of having to deal with all the BS that comes with emulation.

Sano2454d ago

Not on a 15W APU. It might handle Wii-U but not Switch gaming.

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That’s hardly the only advantage.

54d ago
z2g55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

the thing this article claims is a positive is the switch's biggest negative in my opinion. I want a portable gaming system that plays real AAA games with good multiplayer support. I like a Mario or Zelda game once in a while, but almost every game that comes out on switch feels oriented to children or is some cutesy version of something else. I want to play real, regular games and I want those games to not be gimped down to crap fidelity with tons of work arounds and compromises to play multiplayer. The Switch is painful to play games like Doom etc on.

Neonridr54d ago

actually I was surprised how easy it was to play Doom and Wolfenstein on the Switch on the go.

Smellsforfree55d ago

"There's even a chance the Steam Deck could end up being a better-selling device eventually." -- maybe if Valve gets retail partners such as Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, etc. Right now they are just looking to sell through Steam.

54d ago
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