Dead Space 2 and 3 Features That Would Be Great to See in the Remake

While the original Dead Space is undoubtedly the scariest entry in the series, its sequels introduced mechanics that the remake should feature.

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Community84d ago
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Get rid of the infants and the ending boss for part 2, and the game is already improved.

leahcim83d ago

1 and 2 were two instant classic for survival genre, sadly I cannot say the same of part 3....

sourOG83d ago

I was hyped for a trilogy remaster like they did with mass effect. I could probably still beat ds1 with my eyes closed but I don’t remember much from ds2 besides the floating boost parts. Nothing story wise. It was cool but it wasn’t in my top 5 all time like the first dead space so I think I’m harder on it than most. My bias influenced my opinion but how do you make a sequel when you nail it like that? Difficult I’m sure. I never finished DS3, I don’t even remember why I quit or anything positive lol. So going through those again would be cool with “modern hindsight enhancements”.

I’m not mad about the soft remake though. It just sounds like modernized ds1 and the direction I’m hearing isnt bad at all. We’ll see. I might download dead space 2 on gamepass and do another playthrough without the bias. It’s been many many years. I’ll save ds1 and 3 for the remakes.

gantarat83d ago

I dont think EA Motive would do 2 and 3 remake.

1. Peoples want Dead Space 4
2. Dead Space 1 Remake pretty much is Test The Water that Peoples still interesting series or not

sourOG83d ago

Not even 2? It’s well received even though I didn’t think anything special at the time.

1. True and it doesn’t need to be tested lol
2. That’s not fair though, seeing if people care about a masterpiece to test interest doesn’t say anything about motive except they can make a good remake.

I’m not against them learning from the best one to continue the series though. It’s a good thing. If they enhance the shit out of dead space and they learn what makes it special then I’d say retcon 2/3 and just do their own dead space 2.

I would have been happy with a mass effect style remaster to play the others but instead it’s a modern makeover for my favorite one and that’s fine. To be honest that’s all I wanted anyway lol. I hope they don’t f*** it up somehow.

gantarat83d ago

I think they will add

Zero G from Dead Space 2.
Custom and transit from Dead Space 3.