Wii U eShop Games to Buy Before the Service Shuts Down

The fate of the Wii U eShop looks grim after Nintendo announces new changes, so there are games all players should get before it's too late.

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darthv7263d ago

Problem with this piece is none of those games shown are eshop specific. They are all available on disc and can be bought any time. I thought it would have digital only titles like fast racing neo or axiom verge (which is also physical through LRG).

zahdab63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Even those are acessible on other platforms... i think they focused on games that have have wii u specific implementions or exlusive features ...

ApocalypseShadow63d ago

I think more to the point, gamer's aren't raging the same like they did with Sony. They're closing the digital shop of an old system no longer manufactured. One company received heat for it even though they announced the closing a year before. This should receive the same amount of articles and heat but it won't. Doesn't matter that some are on disc. There were games on Sony's shop on disc.

My guess is it was more used to attack the market leader more than caring about the shop closing. As this article proves based on hits that no one seems to care in this case. No need to wonder why.

porkChop62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Do you ever stop to think before you type out all this bullshit? No one bought the Wii U. It was a colossal failure that brought Nintendo to its lowest point in ages.

That's entirely different from the PS3 which sold nearly 100 million units, and runs on the same network as the PS4 and PS5. There was no reason to shut off access.

I get that you like Sony and all, but it's like you can't be bothered to use any logic when it comes to them.

Also, as the article clearly points out, Nintendo hasn't announced any shutdown of the Wii U eShop. You just won't be able to add funds via credit card starting next year.

ApocalypseShadow62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Actually, the nonsense is coming from you.

PSP, PS Vita and PS3 were no longer being supported in favor of PS4, PSVR and PS5. They were old systems a decade old or so. Sony was moving on. The rage was more coming from gamers who assumed that Sony was also stopping downloads of your content. They weren't. Articles galore. Rage for nothing.

PS Vita also didn't sell like the Wii U. It also failed. Try using your intelligence. It's the same. But the rage isn't there for Nintendo like Xbox fans were doing against Sony.

Not adding funds is a precursor to closing it. Just like Sony said that they weren't allowing any new purchases.

Your logic is flawed. Maybe your porkchop needs more cooking in the oven.

Outlawzz63d ago

Terrible list. All games listed are on switch or other platforms except for wind waker hd which there is a high chance that will be ported over as well. Nothing to see here folks, move it along

No mention of xb chronicles x, paper Mario color splash, star fox zero etc.

ikarodemon63d ago

This is why i will never buy videogames any more. Old consoles E-shops closing sucks a lot.

franwex63d ago

I’m pretty much buying N64 games like Sin and Punishment, Ogre Battle, Paper Mario, etc.
I also bought Super Mario Bros 3 for the Gameboy advance as it’s the only place to play the e reader levels fully.

silkylove62d ago

Rayman legends and Pikmin 3 make sense since I'd argue they are better on the Wii U. The rest is just filler. I would have included some VC titles like all the Metroids and Mario Galaxy 2.