I Hope Final Fantasy VII Remake 2 Doesn't Have A World Map

Quality over quantity is the right direction for Final Fantasy VII Remake.

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TricksterArrow61d ago

Nah, I just hope it's good. If they make a World Map or not, I don't really care, just make it work.

Gardenia61d ago

Final Fantasy is a whole planet they you can fly around. They better not take that away. But when you look at all the important content they cut from the Midgar part alone, I wouldn't be surprised if it will get a small "worldmap" like in FFXV.

I'm still pissed of that they took out the prison part in the Shinra building. And not even talking about the music that was replaced half of the time by something completely different.

TricksterArrow61d ago

What important content did they cut? I only recall added stuff.

The prison scene was replaced by Aerith's room, but the prison is still there...Her room is actually an embelished cell, which there are many others, but that goes to show they only keep special prisoners there. Which makes sense, it's a business building, not a prison.

curtain_swoosh60d ago

i hate to burst your bubble, but we won't be able to fly in part 2.

the only music that was replaced/switched out, was Wall market.

the rest had added music to fit the ambience a scene presented.

im a fanboy and i thought the remake was amazing.

DeathTouch60d ago

What was cut from the game?

Dabigsiebowski61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

So we shouldn't aim to fly the airship around in real time and let other games pass up ff with the helm of technological and artistic feats? Yeah count me out. FF has always pushed the boundaries and for this version to be realized then it would be pretty soured by a linear trail of content rather than giving the player the freedom and the respect of the first game for what it was truly known for. Don't cater to this article as it actually simplifies and underwhelms what the real possibilities for this game could be. Aim for what they are doing with Zelda...on the switch, not Kindom Hearts if you wanna speak quality content you bafoons. FF VII has the luxury of having a possible first class story behind it as well. If the open world pans out to be something like how the first game was designed then count me out completely even though I liked the game and give it the benefit of the doubt for being on ps4.

lucian22961d ago mean the game that charges 20$ for hard mode, has the easiest enemies in gaming, has only 13 enemy types INCLUDING bosses and up to almost no story......Yeah no, hard pass.

A nice openworld i'd appreciate but please not empty and shallow like Botw

spwittbold61d ago

FF7 Remake was alright, I really wasn't very impressed though. It felt dated when it released and the general-world felt pretty bland. Combat was ok, but meh.....

2moda5gamer61d ago

Combat was great but game design wise it was nearly as bad as ff13 - just a much, much prettier hallway simulater when it came to gameplay.

pietro121260d ago

The orginal FFVII was just as linear if not more than the remake. There's no way it'll be open world or have an overworld

lucian22958d ago

OOT and original ff7 are far different games; ff7 had great depth and strategy, OOT was cool and all but had zero story; ff7 had an amazing world and story

lucian22961d ago

Imagine.....a city with linearity..........if you played the original it was just as linear. World didn't open up until you left midgar

TricksterArrow61d ago

Yep. I actually think the original was much more linear during Midgar. Remake has a lot of side content that you can do that really makes the city feel alive, plus several Materia and items out of the beaten path.

2moda5gamer60d ago

The original was 20 years ago, we can compare them both being linear but it's hardly a comparison for the same reasons. I mean, for all it's FMV and Materia, the gameplay then still sucked compared to what Zelda: OOT accomplished merely months later.
Hopefully part 2 nails a better open world than FF15 had. I was fond of it but was far from blind to all it's flaws.

masterfox61d ago

Well I hope it does, but not a select where to go map, more like what they did with the original, you either go by walking , chocobo riding ( an essential quest here), or by flying, imo Square Enix exceeded the original Midgar part in every possible way with Remake 1 , the way they change the original story is stunning imo, I hope they do the same with R2.

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