Battlefield 2042 AI Bots Will Be “Really Hard” to Tell Apart From Humans Says Devs

Apparently, it will be "really hard" tell the difference between Battlefield 2042 AI bots and human players according to devs.

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demonseye58d ago

already preparing the game for when nobody plays it. jokes aside would be nice for PVE modes. don't think people want it in PVP there is just something special in the good old battlefield days knowing everyone is an actual player.

StoneyYoshi58d ago

Id rather have a full server no matter if it's AI or players. Its annoying when theres like 10 of servers that are always full that you cant get into so then you have to settle with a server thats half full that may never fill up.

excaliburps58d ago

Same. This should help non-US servers, qeue times and more. The benefits far outweigh the negatives.

Nitrowolf258d ago

Yep, kind of the issue with old Bf games rig he now to. Cant really play them when the servers aren’t full

jukins58d ago

Exactly 128 players is virtually impossible to not have disconnects rage quits or unbalanced teams without the need for ai.

Anyone whose played online knows how quick ppl are to quick and how fast it spreads especially when a team is losing

D3TH_D33LR58d ago

Battlefield isn’t really a competitive game in its design though. If adding bots to the match means the chaos can remain at an all time high, I’m all for it. It’s the smaller modes that are more comp focused and those I expect will not require bots at all to begin with. I’m fine with them being cannon fodder in a big player count match though

mostarr58d ago

From what i know there arent any smaller modes in the main game. Ofcourse with portal mode we will have smaller modes but there we can turn off the bots anyway.

Psychotica58d ago

I am looking forward to playing bots solo especially in Portal mode where you can create all kinds of scenarios.

JEECE58d ago

I hope they are decent, because bots are going to be the only way a lot of people get to test out their Battlefield Portal creations.

Magog58d ago

Based on their past campaigns I doubt it. The AI was dumb as bricks.

Inverno58d ago

Last campaign I played was BF3 and the AI companions would literally drop dead at every checkpoint and new ones would spawn. Was pretty funny

D3TH_D33LR58d ago

Aren’t there bots in battlefront already?

gamesftw25058d ago

You would think after all this time it wouldn't be hard to do

Sciurus_vulgaris58d ago

Battlefield 1’s enemy AI was dumber than the AI present in Golden Eye 64.

BioShockGX58d ago

We will know from their names?

LordoftheCritics58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Not if its like xX_L337_PWNAGE_69_Xx

zahdab58d ago

So bots will sound like screaming/swearing 12 year olds ?

Fntastic58d ago

That's bad parents for ya.

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The story is too old to be commented.