Aliens: Fireteam Elite is Left For Dead Intense and Gears of War Smooth

COG writes: Titles like Alien vs. Predator allow you to take the role of Xenomorphs whilst Alien Isolation positioned you at the opposite end, trying to avoid the beast. Looking to put teamwork at the helm, Aliens: Fireteam Elite is a co-op shooter but will it capture the atmosphere of the incredible franchise?

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CaptainHenry916427d ago

Can't wait to try this game out

VerminSC427d ago

Any word on a beta or demo?

CaptainHenry916427d ago

I couldn't find anything on that.

Fntastic427d ago

The only thing that has my full attention for pure multiplayer fun is S&box and possibly Back 4 Blood if the beta is good. But this seems a little meh

demonseye427d ago

yhea also waiting for Back 4 Blood. wich they know the hard task they put on themselves considering it will be compared to left 4 dead for obvious reasons. I mean you have world war Z but that one didn't really fill that left 4 dead void. still hope Aliens will be a great game for the people that want it. but personally, I think/hope Back 4 blood will be better.

427d ago