Most Disappointing Video Games of 2021... So Far

COG writes: 2021 has featured some great games thus far, as well as some... not so great. We take a look at some of the most disappointing games of the year so far.

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Sonic-and-Crash63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

shame that Destruction All Stars ...had so much potential to become a great game..yet for stupid reasons remained mediocre ....while it has perfect art direction for its genre and vvery good visuals and music (reminds me more of a tekken game ) ....the wrong elements are far more than the good ones...... the controls are clunky and weird , the action is erratic and not satisfying , the physics are abrupt and weird .......very shame because could have been very fun game

Magog63d ago

The cars should have had guns.

MagUk63d ago

That reminds me of Twisted Metal I hope we see it this generation.

medman63d ago

Does this game have dismemberment?

Bobertt63d ago

@MagUk David Jaffe says he doesn't think they will make another one because with how big the budget would be for a AAA title on PS5 they don't think enough people will buy it to get Sony to make another. The only way would be if it was like an online multiplayer game service so it could keep making money long term but no one wants a Twisted Metal game like that.

RaidenBlack63d ago

Destruction All Stars would have benefitted the most if it was a cross-gen game.

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EvertonFC63d ago

I've been playing rocket league since release over 5000 matches online but I genuinely thought destruction all stars would be that game to dethrone rocket league but sadly it just felt shallow, I played for about 2 weeks then immediately missed rocket league.

ElvisHuxley63d ago

All the publishers are chasing the next big online game, and while the investment cost to attempt this seems relatively low, the success rate seems like quite a gamble.

GamerRN63d ago

I was really looking forward to All-stars... Major letdown

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TheColbertinator63d ago

I'm not going to be harsh on End of Eternity. Indie game with a very humble budget compared to.Final Fantasy or Tales of Arise.

Servbot4163d ago

"Why isn't this $30 game as well made as these $60 games?!" - most people

TheDoomedGuy63d ago

Well I think many 20-30$ games are made better than the 60$ triple A.

If I had to put my money on any specific type of game it would be indies and not triple A.

I would be more happy playing indies nonstop than triple A nonstop.

RaidenBlack63d ago

Balan Wonderworld was the most disappointing till now of this year.

fitofficial63d ago

For me it's between Mario Golf and Ratchet. 20 years for a total golf turd or watching Ratchet's slow decline for $10 more than the last one.

Darkborn63d ago

Ratchet and clank rift apart was completely worth an extra $10 to me. It was an amazing game and I support the price increase on quality games.

SeTTriP63d ago

The price increase is the result of MS not doing they're job, which is to be healthy competition for Sony.

Sony has no equal in the exclusive department, so now they're asking how much is that worth to the end user.

Darkborn63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

The $10 increase is due to the increase in production and marketing that has increased several times since the last time the price to the consumer has increased. Since the price went to $60, games have added in full voice acting, motion capture (which costs millions) more devs, much more expensive marketing, more overhead and more. Plus the games Sony makes are pure quality. They deserve to ask for more.

SeTTriP63d ago

@ Darkborn keep sipping that cool-aid pal.

I give a fling sh#t about what it cost to make a game the consumer always gets to decide whats something worth.

This is just common other platform or developer is trying this but Sony with they're exclusive what, you don't think other developers spend sh#t tons of money on making beautiful immersive worlds but Sony?

Yet you'll still try to make the argument 🤔.

Darkborn63d ago

Lol OK, like I said quality games deserve more if they costs to produce them are more. Sony has proven their studios are worth the buy. Your freaking out at like an extra hour, or for me, an extra 20-30 min of work for hours of fun. You should be simmering at ubisoft for charging $100-120 for ultimate editions that don't include all the DLC and also have micro transactions. Also guess what, the consumers have decided with their wallets and these games have sold extremely well for how many ps5's are out there.

fsfsxii63d ago

damn, that corporate boot licking won't get you far

SeTTriP63d ago

Your basically making my argument for me.

fitofficial63d ago

There was absolutely nothing "amazing" about Rift Apart. It did nothing better than any past Ratchet outside of load times. It was short, uninventive, dull, and in no way worth $70. That's why it's been on sale already a couple of times for $45-50.

DarthMarvin63d ago

Anyone who supports $70 games is cancer, plain and simple.

SeTTriP63d ago

I have ps5 and a lg c1 to go along with it.i've brought all of Sony $70 games (all of them).

The only reason Sony is asking for more money is out of pure arrogance.

Orchard63d ago

@Darkborn "Plus the games Sony makes are pure quality. They deserve to ask for more."

Oof, what's your position at Sony Corporation? Is that you Jim?

Imagine a consumer wanting to pay more... it's people like you that'll have us paying $100 for a game soon enough.

P_Bomb63d ago

It’s $90 CAD. To all those complaining about $70, I’m numb at ninety. PS Store just added tax too. I’d love to go back to $59.99 - $69.99.

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Servbot4163d ago

Mario Golf was offensively bad. Lacks content, polish, graphics, nothing about it was good compared to previous releases besides online capabilities.

Good-Smurf63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Wasn't their Mario sports games been a bit underwhelming for awhile now?
Even with all the spotlight Nintendo gave the game it still slipped under radar rather fast.
It's like they keeping it E rated so much they couldn't tried much to make the game standout as it should.
On topic My pick would be Balan Wonderworld.

13sentinel63d ago

Ratchet and clank the most disappointing game in 2021? Im Sorry, but are you flipping COOKED in your head? Why an I surprised though, this is n4g.

fitofficial62d ago

I'm one of the biggest Ratchet fans on this board. The original trilogy is IMO the best trilogy in PS history. The new Ratchets have gotten steadily worse over time, and Rift Apart is the weakest entry by every measurable metric since Quest for Booty and QfB wasn't even presented as a "full" game.

brewin62d ago

I bought ratchet used off somebody on Facebook the same week it was released for $40. It was definitely worth that to me even though I still felt it was way too short

fitofficial62d ago

For $40, yeah, not bad but I don't think it's above a 7/10 at any price and that's being generous. Consequently $40 is what I paid for Going Commando brand new back in the day and it's superior in pretty much every way.

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TheDoomedGuy63d ago

My most disappointing game from the list would probably be dark alliance.

I loved the original game with it's co op and all that....when I heard what this new game would be like i was already disappointed...further disappointed upon release

giovonni62d ago

Oh lord I agree. I played 15 minutes of dark alliance and Brother, I tried to like it I really did. I knew the game was going to be bad when they mapped the attack button as the right shoulder button.

CYALTR62d ago

"My most disappointing game from the list would probably be dark alliance."


I was so looking forward to this. What a letdown!!

Nerdmaster63d ago

Since the site uses the "one article split in more than one page" bulls***, it deserves to have its list spoiled here.

Edge of Eternity
Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf
Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance
Tasomachi: Behind the Twilight
Marvel’s Avengers
Tennis World Tour 2
Balan Wonderworld
R.B.I. Baseball 21
Destruction AllStars
Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game Complete Edition

lodossrage62d ago

I don't blame Nerdmaster for that.

The author(s) do things like that to milk people for traffic and views.

RaidenBlack62d ago

It was a compliment.
“Not all heroes wear capes.”

boing162d ago

He's the hero we deserve.

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