Max Payne's original face and voice team up for birthday video

PC Gamer writes, "Remedy creative director Sam Lake and Max Payne actor James McCaffrey made a special video to celebrate the grizzled detective's birthday."

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BlackIceJoe63d ago

I wish Rockstar would do something with this series, possibly even sell it back to Remedy.

It also is crazy to think it has been years since a new game has come out and it is time to bring it back.

RaidenBlack62d ago

Would be cool if Rockstar Toronto takes another shot at a sequel as a next-gen only title.
Also, Rockstar can always let Remedy develop another one and they can just publish themselves.

Giblet_Head62d ago

Honestly, I hope they don't. Max Payne 3 was a good send off for Max. After everything he's been through he's finally at peace. Some stories just need to end.


Disagree. MP3’s ending was open ended. We need one more game that ends with him dying….or with a new family to replace the one he lost.

-Foxtrot62d ago

If they did sell it back to Remedy I’d love if they did their own Max Payne 3…The Rise of Max Payne

The Rockstar game seems to be going off where Mona died so how about if their version is where she lived

Not like he’d be with her fully but her being alive might give him a mission to keep him in New York

porkChop62d ago

As much as I love Max Payne, I think the story ended perfectly. What I would prefer instead is maybe remaking the first two games as their visuals and mechanics are a bit rough. MP3 still looks and plays great, so it just needs a 4k remaster.

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isarai62d ago

That was awesome, GOD i wish we could get a new Max, or at least some modern remakes

TheDoomedGuy62d ago

Max Payne is one of my favourite 3rd person fps action games.

In fact Ive liked a lot of remedies game....quantum break was held back by the tv thingy otherwise there was enough lore in there to really create something special.

These guys are one of my favourite devs.


Everytime I saw Max Payne's face I always thought he looked constipated 😀

Orchard62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Awesome. I wish R* would bring MP3 to Xbox back compat and give us a MP4.

Also throw in an LA Noire 2 and Bully 2 please... don't become VALVe and just sit on a bunch of great IP.

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The story is too old to be commented.