Activision Blizzard can't decide whether allegations are 'disturbing' or 'meritless'

PC Gamer writes, "Internal company memos and public statements paint a confusing picture of Activision Blizzard's stance."

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sourOG55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Probably both. It’s like bill cosby, the first couple are probably true, the next 30 are probably looking for easy money. They just need to ask themselves “what would China do?”

55d ago
BrainSyphoned55d ago

China would hang the leaders, vanish the accused and accusers then move on.

fitofficial55d ago

Release a bio-weapon that ruins half the world in tandem with incompetent if not malevolent governments?

What do I win?

justadelusion55d ago

the truth is usually somewhere in the middle of these type of things

anast55d ago

They know and knew and will know. Usually the higher up the chain the sleazier the people.

fitofficial55d ago

You've never worked in a call center.

TheColbertinator55d ago

Purge the executives and Kotick and dump them into the Pacific Ocean

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