Multiplayer aspect confirmed for MadWorld

SEGA has launched the official US site for MadWorld. In addition to some screenshots and other goodies, a few new details about the game have been confirmed, including multiplayer.

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Product3603d ago

hmmmm it says "offline multiplayer" i wonder why they would say offline if there wasnt both.Regardless this will be a great game by the looks of it.

Maxned3602d ago

Yea... I dont even know why I spent 30$ for wii speak when I can only think of The Conduit that will use it.

- Ghost of Sparta -3602d ago

I am very interested in Mad World. I'll buy a Wii next year if SEGA delivers.

TheColbertinator3603d ago

Sounds great.Whether its online or not doesn't matter because I look forward to this game.

LokMessier3602d ago

Didn't even know MadWorld was going to have multiplayer aspects, but that surely has caught my eye.