Steam Deck 30 FPS Concerns Addressed by Valve

Valve's Pierre-Loup Griffais addressed the topic on Twitter, first acknowledging his comments regarding the Steam Deck targeting 30 FPS. What that means is that 30 FPS is the minimum floor that Valve considers "playable." It's not a cap or a limit of any kind. The Steam Deck is "targeting" that every game played on it exceeds 30 FPS.

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FallenAngel198456d ago

“This past week a small controversy has grown within the PC gaming community over one of the Steam Deck's listed features. Headlines across the internet referred to Valve "targeting" 30 FPS on the upcoming handheld PC platform, following an interview with Valve coder Pierre-Loup Griffais in which he said exactly that. Now Valve is trying to cut that narrative short, clarifying what "targeting" means and confirming that 30 FPS is just the minimum that Steam Deck users should expect.

The clarifying remarks once again come from Pierre-Loup Griffais, who has become a public face for the forthcoming platform. Griffais addressed the topic on Twitter, first acknowledging his comments regarding the Steam Deck targeting 30 FPS. What that means is that 30 FPS is the minimum floor that Valve considers "playable." It's not a cap or a limit of any kind. The Steam Deck is "targeting" that every game played on it exceeds 30 FPS.“

Thanks for the clarification

instantstupor56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Can't tell if being sarcastic or not...

I think the bottom line is just that "targeting" 30 fps sounded to most like that was the intended experience. Like if a dev for consoles said "targeting 30 fps", you'd know that's what that game was coming out in without question.

The Valve clarification is a bit more nuanced in that it points to 30fps as the floor. It's like console releases that have 30fps fidelity modes or 60fps performance modes. He's saying not all games will require a 30fps cap, but higher fidelity games will likely be capped at 30fps.

For those familiar with PC, obviously they know smaller indie titles and older AAA releases will still run at 60fps in most scenarios even on this modest hardware, and it'll only the newer AAA titles where concessions will have to be made. To anyone outside the PC realm, I'm guessing that isn't as clear to them; they've never really had to consider balancing - to their own tastes - resolution/graphics options/framerate before.

moomoo31956d ago

And apparently you can customize in-game settings on the deck like you would any PC game, so curious to see what kind of FPS results ppl arrive at.

specialguest56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Of course this article/twitter post will be ignored. This should clarify what the 30 fps statement meant. Some people will continue to believe what they want to believe. The 30 fps statement means it ensures that you will at least get the minimum(keyword) 30fps frame rate when playing the more demanding PC games. 30fps isn't ideal, but it's playable(ask a console gamer). You have the option to fine tune performance vs battery life, meaning you could tweak it for higher fps if needed. Results will vary, because we're working with hardware that is equivalent to the PS4

Zeref55d ago

PC gamers defending 30fps is hilarious to see 😂😂😂

ActualWhiteMan55d ago

No PC gamer’s defended 30fps. Not sure what you mean by that.

Ju54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

I still have an i7 4790 @ 3.6GHz with a 4GB WX4100 (2.4TFlops). That's probably faster than this but maybe comparable (the APU is probably better integrated possibly comparable - sure not 15W, but that's irrelevant for this test). I ran Control @ 1280x800, medium settings. It is playable, but reaches just over 30fps (doesn't drop below, though). Looks quite alright I'd say. Curious how this would look on a "compressed" 7" PPI display. I would put this over PS4 level, and it should be possible to run like games up to 60fps, I would think. It still has a faster CPU and runs at lower resolution. I am curious if developers would actually optimize games for the SteamDeck. Doom Eternal ran fine at 60 at that resolution.

Magog56d ago

It's a handheld. Don't expect to play the latest games on it but instead to enjoy the older games fron your library.

-Hermit-56d ago

Why wouldn't it run the latest games? I think you people are underestimating how much of a performance boost you can get from playing a game at 720p over something like 1080p or 1440p.

ScootaKuH55d ago does run the latest games. Even Valve have confirmed this

Magog55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

It hasn't even released yet. Games are only going to get more demanding. Do you really want to play games at 30fps in 2022?

ScootaKuH55d ago

@Magog you could say the same about the Switch but people don't seem to have any issue with that do they?

Also Valve themselves said 30fps minimum. There's nothing to say that you couldn't get more our of it. Personally, on a 7 inch screen I really have no issue with 30fps or lower resolution. I also have a PS5 so I won't miss out on higher framerates and resolutions. For me the Steam Deck is absolutely perfect for my existing Steam library and games that aren't on PS5.

Amplitude55d ago

lol its a handheld dude yes 30fps in some games is completely okay in a handheld, and upping to 60fps by lowering settings is still an option. Also, as much as DLSS blows it out of the water, FidelityFX is only going to improve.

Outlawzz56d ago

This fps elitist mentality is pretty annoying tbh. 30fps is perfectly fine for most games.

I will agree, 60fps or more is better for quick reaction games and generally looks nicer but people suggesting it's terrible and makes games unplayable or not worth playing is just ridiculous imo.

Father__Merrin56d ago

30fps is unplayable it hurts people's eyes on n4g

Eonjay56d ago

It's all completely irrelevant because you will be able to adjust settings to increase frame rate as needed. It's a problem and that doesn't exist.

ActualWhiteMan55d ago

Only console plebians accept 30fps because they have to.

ScootaKuH55d ago

My ears explode and my eyes pop at the mere mention of 30fps

TheRealTedCruz56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

You're not an "elitist" for pointing out that 30fps is the bare minimum had before games start becoming flip books.
No. 30fps isn't "perfectly fine". It's right on the border of passable. It's the D- of this intractable medium.
And "most games" do actually benefit from better framerate. It's not a minority of genres that play better at a higher framerate. Games like Life is Strange aren't affected, but most games benefit from not running on the bare minimum.

Outlawzz56d ago

My game experience has never been dragged down by 30fps nor will it ever be and I would never claim anything to be unplayable because of it.

Of course games run better at higher frame rates that's obvious but there's a certain group of people who completely discredit games if they don't run at 60fps or higher aka fps elitists, sorry if your one of them

TheRealTedCruz55d ago

Anyone with reading comprehension would be able to confirm that I'm not in the camp claiming 30fps is unplayable.

It's definitely lackluster though, and saying it doesn't hinder the experience had is disingenuous.
A good game at a poor framerate is still a good game ... at a poor framerate.
This is an interactive medium. Games do benefit from a higher framerate. Acting like it doesn't matter isn't truthful.
A great game with a weak framerate doesn't equate to a great game with a good framerate.

All I'm saying is you should ask more of modern gaming in 2021. 30fps gets a pass when it comes to portables, but if that's the norm for your main gaming hardware at home, it's time to look into different avenues.

Outlawzz55d ago (Edited 55d ago )


I understand your argument. I've already stated it's never made a difference in my enjoyment of a game, and that's not disingenuous or untruthful lol it really is not that serious to me to demand higher fps if it plays fine at 30....

Of course I can't expect fps elitists, whether their in denial or not, to understand this.

Ju54d ago

I wouldn't see this so black and white. Control played fine, even at 30fps, surprisingly well, actually. The experience is the same, the distinguishing factor will be handheld vs. desktop/TV not necessarily the frame rate. I probably wouldn't want to play Doom at 30fps, though. And this sort of game will run @ 60fps just fine even on the Deck.

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Father__Merrin56d ago

Don't sweat Thomas was alone will run at 60fps.i can recall on here when god of war ps4 came out which looked spectacular but was 1080p 30fps where as Thomas was alone was 4k 60fps therefore Thomas was alone has better graphics

TheRealTedCruz56d ago

Thomas Was Alone had better framerate.

You try way too hard, way too often.

ScootaKuH55d ago

God of War was actually 1080p/60 on PS4 Pro in performance mode.

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