Dead Space Remake Features Volumetric Effects, “Believable Audio” and More

Motive Studios will be faithful to the original game but also bring it to the next-gen platforms.

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CaptainHenry91662d ago

Hopefully the PC version will be able to use the PS5 adaptive controller and all of it's features. Can definitely be a game changer or I might have to replay it on PS5

Jin_Sakai62d ago

Can’t wait to play it on PS5. Should be great with the new features and DualSense haptics!

Aussiesummer62d ago

This is the perfect game to really show off the PS5's 3D audio.

Orbilator62d ago

This game always had incredible audio.

REDGUM62d ago

Yes it certainly did have, i still have stains on my jocks to prove it! :(

XxSPIDEYxX62d ago

Just hope they keep the original Xboxs.

P_Bomb62d ago

The audio was already so good! Looking forward to it on steroids!