Blu-ray and Sony PS3 real winners: Let Xbox 360 keep multi DVD games

Now we found something really interested and had to laugh when we read the article over on Product Reviews, in our eyes we have always said that the PS3 and its Blu-ray are the real winners and we will always stand by that.

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pp3654d ago are upset it seems that Multi-Disk games are still kicking blu-ray ass.

PoSTedUP3654d ago

hey pp, pull my finger then run around and scratch my back.

Gun_Senshi3654d ago

I am sorry to tell you, You are mentally challanged.

blackbeld3654d ago

Blu-ray is the future DVD is reaching the end of its life cycle incuding 360 with it's dvd.

tomfoolery3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

in a Sony controlled environment(n4g).

I give you props for trying though.

And you're 100% right about one thing,
360 IS the way to go this gen.

PS3 is gaming junk this gen.

lokiroo4203654d ago

PP want to see how a 360 would handle a bluray sized game?

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lokin3654d ago

wtf? i know my english suks but isnt the brits domain and if i am correct shouldnt it read .....interesting....anyhow thats my useless input for this day

360 man3654d ago

yh i think you should just be quiet

gaffyh3654d ago

@lokin - Yeah you are right

prowiew3654d ago

Why is it people keep complaining about a three disk rpg?. Is not that the game will suck because of this. Every gamer through time has played a multi disk game and it was never an issue. For an rpg I cant complain especially since you probably will spend hours finishing a disk. The real problem is if for example in a game like gta you would have to change disk if you go to another city. But an rpg?. Really?.

The_Perverted_Ninja3654d ago

When your mother was pregnant with you pp, why didn't she just throw her fat ass down some stairs? It would have saved us all a lot of grieve.

DNAgent3654d ago

Who said she didn't do that? I'm sure she did but he survived but you can already see that the damage has been done.

Timesplitter143654d ago

Hey I'd like to know...

Can Sony just decide not to allow the next Xbox to have Blu-Ray? What will MS do? I guess going back to HD DVD is a bad choice since it's dead and would cost a LOT to produce...

Mike134nl3654d ago

Ofcourse sony would allow and even want microsoft to use bluy ray but it would cost them.

It seems obvious microsoft wouldn't want to pay that and is more likely to use another medium Hd-Dvd, which still is cheaper than blu ray.

PotNoodle3654d ago

They couldn't deny anyone usage of it, just sony is the one who helped develop it and now own the larger market share in blu-ray. That is all, sony and philips created the CD - did they deny anyone else access to that? No.

Timesplitter143654d ago

but what's different now is that MS is in direct competition with them

Windows on sony computers : MS doesn't make the computers

Sitdown3654d ago

doesn't make bluray come again. Besides isn't Microsoft's codec attached to bluray?

wallace10003654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

In the business world companies don't care about stupid fanboyism. If microsoft want blu-ray for the next xbox then they have to pay the royalties. Sony isn't the one calling the shots for blu-ray, because lots of companies are involved and they don't even have the largest share in the IP rights.
MEI (Panasonic) owns the largest percentage of blu-ray intellectual property rights, with Sony, Pioneer, and Phillips also having large shares.

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LittleBigKillzone3654d ago

Do you guys realize that no other console brand in the history of video games has lasted more than 4 years in terms of sales and support?! NES,SNES, Gamecube, N64, all sega consoles and original xbox didnt last more than 4 years, Playstation consoles last a decade or slightly more.

My point is this. MS knows 2009 is the 4th year, they know the 360 cannot produce anything that looks, sounds and plays as good as killzone 2 and even God Of War 3. They decided to go with just standard DVD and have a short term outlook and now they are paying the price for 09 and beyond! Why do you think Shane Kim recently said in 09 they are gong to focus more on competing with the wii with more "family friendly" games.

You guys know if they do that, it will be a dream come true for Sony because thats pretty much MS admitting they have maxxed out the 360s fullest potential and are handing over sony the hardcore market.
Star Ocean 4 on 3 discs and FFXIII will most likely be on 4 discs. You are starting to see the 360 age. MS is in a jam now, if they dont announce a new xbox console soon then they will be forced to try and top games like Killzone 2, Infamous, Uncharted 2, Gran Turismo 5 and God Of War 3. and if they do announce a new Xbox soon then all you 360 fanboys will be bashing them complaining they gave up on the 360 too soon just like with the original Xbox.

So yes, the 360 has good sales this holiday season but remember it was getting spanked by Sony worldwide before the big $199.99 price cut. And all they have announced so far is just 2 halo spin offs for 09, if i where you guys.. id be worried

slugg3654d ago

When the 360 is selling more and more this holiday and PS3 sales are sliding (check my post below for why). Also, MS breaks even on every 360 sold and has the highest software and accessory attach rate, while the PS3 still LOSES money on every PS3 sold and has the worst attach rate. This is a business, you know, and that is why MS says they want to compete with Nintendo-- Nintendo is making gobs of money, will the 360 is simply making money. The PS3 has yet to show any positive financial returns for Sony, and if Sony were any smaller of a company, the PS3 might have bankrupted them.

Ro11z3654d ago

you forget Sony is NOT a Small company its a HUGE conglomeration that has its hands in EVERYTHING so the Ps3 selling badly is nothing

and as for Sony loosing money on EVERY Ps3 sure it dose but your forgetting the HUGE amounts on money its making on the technology that is inside the Ps3 like the CELL and Blu-ray so sure Ps3 is loosing money but Sony is technically breaking even because of the sales of the separate tech inside the thing

Kuest3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

make your post a little more scary. Right now, you're just plain boring.

We all knew about 2007. It was thought Xbox would win (sales wise) and it didn't. We all knew about about 2008. It was thought PS3 would obliterate, and it turns out Xbox might make a huge comeback during the holidays.

All in all, I think its important to keep in mind, that regular software titles are not the sole momentum of a console's sales, especially later on in its life cycle. Instead its the miracles that count. Either that, or we should all stop guesing.

2009, the year of... me (its corny, but its true).

Daishi3654d ago

I hope the 360 is running out of time because that means I can upgrade to better hardware soon. I don't really care if a console lasts 10 years when everything it comes out with after the fourth year is dated in technology. Imagine if MS launches a new console at the $300 and $400 price range again and is competeing with a $300 or still $400 PS3, who wins that battle? Also imagine that console launching with Gears 3, Halo 4, or Call of Duty 6. Unfortunately Sony would have no chose but to drop the PS3 and move on to compete, which would upset many people but be a good business decision like MS ditching the old xbox. Hopefully all this competition is going to make Sony do remarcable things to show everyone that they do mean business and to show us what they are made of!

monkpunk13654d ago

I buy a console because i want it to last longer than 4 years... If i was willing to upgrade every 4 years that would mean I was spending £800 on new consoles every 8. I hope that Sony meant their 10 year cycle because then my £400 console looks like a good buy.

RareNimbus3654d ago

you just say it too well!! bubble for you LittleBigKillzone!! step it up I got your back!!

lokiroo4203654d ago

Daishi that has to be the most ignorant thing I have ever heard!

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