PULSE 3D Wireless Headset | PS5, PS4

Enjoy a seamless, wireless experience with a headset fine-tuned for 3D Audio on PS5™ consoles.Built for gamers, the headset features noise-cancelling microphones and easy-access controls.

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Jin_Sakai64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

Tried these out and ended up returning them. I’ll be sticking with the SteelSeries Arctis 7. They sound just as good and are much more comfortable.

SlothLordPootus63d ago

I've also heard they're not comfortable for long sessions (mostly due to the ear cups not being large enough). I'm hoping they come out with a new version in a couple years to change them. I just broke my PS Gold Headset, so I'm just using over-ear headphones for the time being.

DaCajun63d ago

They're not as comfortable as the PS gold. Sound is good but they are too tight and i can't wear them more than an hour.

Jin_Sakai63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

The cups are a bit too small and the pleather material gets hot. I also don’t like that the cups don’t rotate for a better fit. That aside they do sound quite good.

My Arctis 7 sound just as good if not better though and are much more comfortable. The mesh cups are more breathable and don’t get that hot which is a plus. Downside is the cost $50 more. Well worth it though imo.

Christopher63d ago

I have a big head and big ears and I'm fine with these for about 4 hours before they irritate one of my ears.

They're definitely not as comfortable as my astro headset, but they also didn't cost me $300.

UltraNova63d ago

I've got the Steelseries 7P and I couldn't be happier. Patiently waiting for the arctis Pro V2 to come out.

ABizzel162d ago

They're not the most comfortable for long sessions. It starts to hurt your ears because the over-the-ear speaker isn't deep enough.

They work well, and are fine for smaller ears, but if you have normal size ears and they aren't almost flat, then after a couple hours you'll start to feel it.

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Name Last Name63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

All the sounds in the world will not matter if my ears don’t fit these Pulse earcups.

EvertonFC63d ago

I'm very happy with mine but didn't notice much difference from ps4 platinum headset.
Sounds amazing with returnal, spidy, metro, Godfall, exodus, ratchet, sackboy and astrobot mission.
3rd party not so much though, so I guess the 3rd party devs are lazy as all games should have 3d sound in 2021

boing163d ago

I have a Pulse headset and I find my old Platinums to sound much better. They clearly have a larger driver. Not mentioning better mic and better comfort, at least in my case. I have a large head and Pulses are a bit too tight for me, especially on longer sessions.

BiGT8563d ago

Steelseries arctis 7 is way better than the pulse 3d wireless headset "period"

Sunny_D63d ago

Agreed. Tried both and 7p is just more comfortable. It doesn’t have some system level features like the Pulse does but everything is better.

Sunny_D63d ago

Lol, that’s exactly what I did. Pulse were too uncomfortable and ended up getting the 7p. Way more comfortable and the battery lasts way longer.

SeTTriP63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

I agree they are a decent pair of headphones but I've had better

They look cool tho.

Yppupdam63d ago

yeah, make my ears ache after a while, I miss my Sennheiser PC 37X I got from Massdrop for use on my PS5.

jordan22290ps62d ago

Same. I traded in my PS4 Pro (was shitting the bed hard) when I finally got a PS5 and at first went to get the Pulse with my credit but after a quick review look up, went with the SteelSeries Arctis 7P and they're the best gaming headset I've ever had

joaovictorop62d ago

The biggest problem with this SteelSeries Artics 7 is that in 2021 they still use the micro usb cable to charge it instead of USB C. And the good thing about the Sony phone is that the phone's information appears on the screen.

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specialguest63d ago

This was made for people who are not interested in doing some research on best PS5 compatible gaming headsets within that price range and just want to pick up something for their child or themselves that works. There's always a market for that kind of consumer which makes up a lot of people

Teflon0263d ago

Or it can just be sticking within the ecosystem. That's a thing. As long as it works well that's all that matters lol

13sentinel63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

We get it, you're a headset elitist, and your comment was obviously intended to condescend towards people who bought this headset. Everytime I see an article related to this headset or 3D audio, there is also a self proclaimed expert who reckons he is a know it all. Guess I found a few here.

Listen here dude. INFORMED people bought this headset for the native 3D audio support with tempest Engine in ps5.

People purchasing the official headset, which has been getting excellent reviews and recommendations, is purpose built to get the best sound experience out of your ps5. If you aren't able to figure that out, then I'm sorry you are clueless.

You'll hardly find a better headset for the price range for your ps5. So you can all go shove it.

RaiderNation63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

I bought them. They feel good to me. They're lite. The earcups cover my ears entirely and mine aren't small. They sound terrific as well. They have good clarity with a nice bassy "punch" without being too overwhelming. I hear details with these that I don't even hear through my home theater system. I truly have no complaints with them.

--Onilink--63d ago

While its true he is being quite the douche, there isnt such a thing as “ native 3D audio support with tempest Engine in ps5 “.

3D audio for headsets is just a toggle in the menu and works with all headsets

Limitedtimestruggle63d ago

Informed people knows that the 3D Audio stuff work with ANY stereo headset you connect to the PS5…

13sentinel63d ago (Edited 63d ago )


"Informed people knows that the 3D Audio stuff work with ANY stereo headset you connect to the PS5"

Hahahahahahahahahaha🤣 🤣🤣 hey bru, show me where I said that "You can only get 3D audio from using a 3D audio compatible headset". I'm talking about the headset being PURPOSE BUILT to take full advantage of the 3D Audio in the ps5. Next time you make a personal attack you should read what the person is saying instead of making stupid assumptions.

justadelusion63d ago

lol he really got under your skin

Limitedtimestruggle62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

@ 13sentinel.

Everything regarding the Tempest 3D audio is a console thing only. The 3D Pulse Headset is just Sony own branded plug and play stylish stereo headset, and it’s good for the price asked. But it’s still a stereo headset. There’s no such thing as native Tempest Audio going on. The console process the 3D Audio, not the headset.

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RaiderNation63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Thankfully there are far fewer pretentious douchebags like you who seek to put down those of us who bought and enjoy these headphones.

cd162d ago

No I dont mind doing research, I purchased the Pulse headset to make full use of the 3D audio as well as saving a bit of cash as they are only £90.

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Profchaos63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

I've got a pair great performance and sound quality for the price better than the gold's i had previously however i preferred the fit of the gold headset better. Yes you can go out and buy an better headset but for that price i got mine on special for $100 Aud which was about $40 off recently i would never find anything half as good for that price point.
What i don't like is that the ears are not adjustable and the elastic band and how it's positioned on your head controls that which can get very annoying.

Compatibility is good however they dropped the ps3 where as it used to work with the gold headset despite not being advertised as such but these will not work with the ps3 (Not that most people wil care but i still have mine and use it occasionally die to the lack of backwards compatibility with the ps5). Still works with the 3.5mm jack and has the usb adapter also works for windows.

REDGUM63d ago

I brought these along side the ps5 at launch and although I haven't tried every headset out there for comparison, this is easily the best headset I've purchased to date (44yo). Remarkable sound with the 3d tech & also match the ps5 design too. I will say though, they are a little tight on my big fat head but I understand why too as that's how 3d audio works best with no outside sound interference. I actually think it has more to do with the fact I wear glasses too.
I did read somewhere, might have been just a comment, an easy way to stretch them out just a little. I wish I could find that as they are just slightly too tight, again for my big boofhead.

Hellcat202063d ago

I have them as well along with other headsets but just like you I also wear glasses and no matter which headset I buy or use they become uncomfortable due to the pressure pressing on the side frame of my glasses.
On topic though these headsets are great for ps5

TheDoomedGuy63d ago

I never liked big headsets. I'm sticking with earbuds.

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