Valve says games on the Steam Deck will run at 30 frames per second in native 800p resolution

Aspects such as the resolution had already been confirmed, with a screen LCD of seven inches and 1280 x 800p . Now we can also confirm that it will reach 30 frames per second

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Ron_Danger53d ago

Especially since, according to the pc master race across several websites like Reddit, 30 FPS is “literally unplayable.”

EvertonFC53d ago

30fps on a handheld is fine for me but it is funny to see how the PC master race will react to this with what you said about PC gamers hating on 30fps lol.

TheRealTedCruz53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

It's a little different when you're running full blown AAA experiences on the go. If your PC is struggling to hit more than 30fps in more modern games, it's definitely time to upgrade.
If your console starts recieving more and moves 30fps titles, out of necessity, it's time for a refresh, or a new console, and console only gamers should acknowledge that.

Yes, 30fps is the bare minimum you should accept. But I doubt you'll find droves of PC gamers straight up saying, with honesty, that 30fps doesn't create a playable experience.
Sounds more like you just have a biased generalization of the PC gaming community and are looking to take jabs at them.

You also have the ability to adjust the settings however you see fit. Personally, when I'm trying to run more modern games on one of my older builds, I found 42fps to be the sweet spot where games feel more responsive, and you start to widdle out that motion blur you get at lower fps.

ABizzel153d ago

This is taken out of context, they had said earlier that the Steam deck should be able to play any current game at least at 30fps. The display is 60Hz, and there are several games that were already confirmed to run at 60fps on the Steam Deck.

ElvisHuxley53d ago

It's far from unplayable, but once you experience 60fps as the standard, it's hard to go back to 30 tbh.

Kryptix153d ago (Edited 53d ago )


Dude, this a console focused site. What do these people know about the specs on this badass machine. Not is it only using the new Ryzen and Navi architecture, but the latest LPDDR5 RAM architecture which is very power efficient and 4x faster than Switch's LPDDR4. Flexibility is the key point here. Do you want 30fps on Ultra settings or 60fps at Medium-High settings. It's already something PS5 does.

Day One buy for me.

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Eonjay53d ago

Not really. It's a PC. You should be able to customize settings to get the desired result that you want. It's basically a pocket PS4 with a better CPU and memory. It will run plenty of games at 60 hertz. I feel like this should be obvious.

n1kki653d ago

People down voting this are idiots. This is what happens when console gamers who think they have technical acumen try to talk about hardware. You can adjust it to your liking.

Smok9153d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Knowing a company will tout its best numbers you think that? I mean sure, you can turn the graphics to mud. If it’s capable of 60 FPS they’re morons in their delivery of info.

See below for hilarious comment.

specialguest53d ago

It's not obvious to them, because a lot of these commentors come from the 30 fps locked console world and they assumed since it's a PC it should automatically be 60 fps on all games. They don't understand it depends on the hardware and how demanding the game is. However, tweaking settings to get higher frame rate is foreign to them. That's where the disconnect lies

n1kki653d ago

@specialguest. Also battery power isn't unlimited more power take more battery. It's a constraint in every handheld. For some reason gamers think you can have 60fps, to resolutions, all the bells and whistles, and great battery. It's not how it works.but again. This is what happens when people think they have technical acumen just because they play video games.

Amplitude53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

It's almost like maybe y'all should check out footage of it running at 60fps rather than just reading text-based arguments on the most toxic gaming website out there as your main method of gathering info

-Hermit-53d ago

Why are so many of you downvoting Eonjay? Do you people not understand how pc gaming works?

Studio-YaMi53d ago

apparently not, some people are just too dense like that...

frostypants53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

I've probably built more gaming PCs than all of you combined. This thing is a turd. Stop polishing it. It is not the handheld PC messiah you've been hoping for.

-Hermit-53d ago (Edited 53d ago )


If you think you know so much, then how were you so easily fooled by a misinformed article? If you knew so much, then surely you would see right through it.

ABizzel153d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Everyone disagreeing is flatout wrong, just like this random site. The steam deck has already been running games at 60fps the system isn't locked to 30fps, it's a PC.

Looking at all these comments it's crazy how ignorant most of the people are on here (look up the definition of ignorant). I see people who claim to have PCs in various topics, yet the majority of people on here actually think this is true. The Steam deck has already been shown running games at 60fps, it has a 60Hz display for a reason, and games were running on weaker Quad-Core processors without multi-tread performance for the last 20 years without any real issues at 720p.

Educate yourselves. Most of you bet not be talking about specs or performance every again.

ElvisHuxley53d ago

Surely this is the case, would be silly to arbitrarily lock less demanding games at 30.

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RavenTears54d ago

Damn, I thought it was 60 frames lock either in 720-800.

gamingtext202054d ago

I thought so as well, I hope I’m wrong on this matter, but I see the Steamdeck failing like all the other Valve products.

Eonjay53d ago

In every title at every setting? How could that be. It's not reasonable to assume that. Like at all.

specialguest53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

There isn't any specific Deck versions of the PC games like a console. You're playing the same PC games available on Steam and the performance of the game will depend on the Decks hardware and how it handles the games. If you're playing games that are graphically demanding, 30 fps is optimal, but like any PC you could tweak the settings to lower the graphics to improve frame rate. This isn't a revelation. I thought people knew this 😂

Very basic common knowledge. Non-PC gamers who are ignorant, come feed me the disagrees. I command you

-Hermit-53d ago

Why would you assume it would have a locked frame rate? It's a pc, it runs the same way a pc would.

Fluke_Skywalker53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

The screen itself may be locked to 30hz refresh though 🤔 If not then I would have to assume that you can turn he graphics to potato mode and get 60fps like any other PC.

-Hermit-53d ago

It's a 60hz screen, why would it be locked to 30hz?

Fluke_Skywalker52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

I simply raised a question. I hadn't seen it stated anywhere what the screen refresh rate actually was.

Kryptix153d ago

It is, the article is spreading false information. Valve stated the minimum target is 30fps because some games you might want to run on high settings. PC games always had flexibility, it will definitely be up to the person if they want to sacrifice graphics or performance.

I'm not surprised N4G would push forward this specific article over dozens where Valve has explained what it means.

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iplay1up254d ago

When I first read this, I was very disappointed. If this is true it is a hard Pass for me. Glad I didn't pre order.

masterfox54d ago

wow well that's disappointing. PSP 2 please :D

MajorLazer54d ago

Vita was the perfect handheld. Shame Sony barely supported it.

53d ago
specialguest53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

The handheld division of Sony has been long dead. No one wants to play halfassed mobile versions of PS games. Sony had the wrong approach with the Vita and it didn't help that they implemented a proprietary expensive sd card. History is my proof since the Vita support prematurely dwindled into abandonment. A new hardware does nothing to bring back the PSP if it's just going to be a hollow soul. Sony saw that division was not profitable and moved on long ago. Sorry, reality stings doesn't it?

Sirk7x53d ago

I love my Vita, and it's an amazing handheld when hacked. Probably the best use for it honestly lol. Unfortunately, Sony's first party offerings, while mostly great IP, do not make for great handheld experiences. That's Nintendo's bread and butter.