Death’s Door Review | The PlayStation Brahs: Indie Game of the Year Contender?

The PlayStation Brahs:

"Check out my review of Death’s Door. Is it a contender for Indie GOTY? Possibly. Follow along as I explain what it’s like to be a crow running around reaping souls. Yes it’s as fun as it sounds."

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jznrpg65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

There’s some cool indies that are coming out . Kena Bridge of spirits and Lost in Random look great . I wouldn’t get to comfortable calli my Amy games contenders yet .

Highrevz65d ago

Got 100% on the game yesterday and I tried to pick faults with the game as I always do and really struggled to find them.

After the main story is over there’s some endgame content, I was happy for it but it lacked some soul compared to the main quest.

There needs to be a few more orbs scattered around the map to earn points for upgrades. I had to grind for enough points to buy the last 2 upgrades.

You can’t pet the little cute flowers.

That’s it🤷‍♂️ The controls never felt unresponsive for me and I enjoyed the last boss fight. It is lengthy and difficult but I liked that.

I didn’t make comparisons to Hades but I did constantly think of the 2D Zelda games and my conclusion was ALTTP > Deaths Door > every other 2D Zelda. That’s a big statement for an Indie game.

traumadisaster64d ago

If you watch review increase playback speed to make it tolerable