Brutal Gamer: Top 5... shooters of 2008

Brutal Gamer writes - 'Here you go folks everyone, the first of our Game of the Year awards. The first one will be purely focusing on the shooter genre as a whole, ranging from first person shooters to third person and different platforms. The rest of our Game of the Years will be revealed over the next few days/weeks, the other categories for our rewards are; best unique/creative game, best story line, best sequel, best downloadable game and our overall Game of the Year...'

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Harry1903692d ago

compared to this selection would be Dead Space. It's such a glorious game that does everything right that it needs to be in any top list this year.

prunchess3692d ago

I've played L4D and Gears 2 and I still can't see how they can be on that list ahead of COD WAW or Far Cry 2!

NaiNaiNai3692d ago

well lets see, i played CoD WaW, and Far cry 2, and i find left 4 dead and gear 2 way better. CoD still has those piss poor spawns that ruin the entire mutliplayer. and l4d is just amazing online, and the A.I director makes sure you never have the same experience twice. >.> nothing like running into a witch on a subway train T_T

solar3692d ago

would ya look at that. L4D considered the best shooter of 2008 by Brutal Gamer. Brutal Gamer has great taste and know the best shooter of the year when they play it...and that is L4D.

condorstrike3692d ago

I'm sorry but if you don't include Farcry 2 and specially Dead Space in that list then you have no business making game of the year awards...

all of the above are great games, but Dead Space should be on the top of that list.

Maybe he, she, or them whatever never played

NaiNaiNai3692d ago

i played dead space. and i thought it was pure crap. >.> game was good, but to me it played so horrible.

Viatrophy3692d ago

played Dead Space, thank you.
It was a fun game, but out of my top 5, it just wasn't in there.
Easily in a top 10, but 5? Nah.

Wile3692d ago

Left 4 Dead is soooo much fun with friends in either coop and versus. It has been awhile since I have laughed out loud so hard it hurt while playing a videogame. It's such a simple game, it feels like a more complex game like resistance 2 or gears 2 should get the top spot. Although I understand why it's there.