Can the Playdate live up to its joyful premise?

Hands on with the pocket-sized, crank-based console.

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UltimateOwnage63d ago

Yes, for what it is. I still love the raw pixel look of classic GameBoy. Adding the crank will make for some potentially awesome analog experiences. I’m excited.

ScootaKuH63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Same. Price wise I think it's a touch expensive but I find the whole aesthetic really appealing and the price isn't a blocker for me.

Just trying to work out the price for UK. I think, with shipping and taxes it works out at around £180. I plan on getting the cover as well, so hopefully the shipping will be for the whole order and not per item otherwise I'll be looking at well over £200.

Really looking forward to sinking my teeth into Playdate Pulp and seeing what I can do. I hope there will be a way to download other people's creations also.

EvertonFC63d ago

NO, awaiting nxt stupid question form gaming sites

ScootaKuH63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Well, I'm definitely ordering one. I really like the quirky nature of it and beyond the first season of 24 games I have no expectations.

What interests me the most though, is Playdate Pulp. I can't wait to have a go at making my own games. What would be great would be a way to download other people's creations in a similar manner to LBP. If this is managed correctly it could garner a really good little community