FIFA 22’s Slick Gameplay is Looking Promising

A step-over in the right direction.

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Palitera64d ago

Friendly marketing is friendly.

dazzysima64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

This is the same story every year. The demo comes out and it has some decent gameplay changes, fast forward to late October or so and everything is patched out for a speed-trumps-all mess to drive FUT.

Aussieguy62d ago

Ive never understood why they patch fifa after release. It seems to release fine every year and every patch they release they are it worse and worse. I swear what they do is they patch the players in Ultimate team to make them worse, so when all the new players that release they seem better and more people want them, so they make more money from fifa points.

Ive always noticed this with my players and even Icons (if im luck enough to get one) they start off awesome and I guess if they stayed good there would be no need to change your team, so you wouldn't need to spend any money hey.

TheColbertinator64d ago

Then they ruin it for FIFA 23 then say FIA 24 will have the gameplay fixed


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