August 2021 PS Plus Games Leaked on PlayStation Website

PlayStation's own website has leaked what PS Plus games will be available for subscribers in August.

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Knushwood Butt64d ago

Ugh, hope this rumor turns out to be wrong.

TGGJustin64d ago

This isn't a rumor at this point. It was leaked on the actual PlayStation website not some random site. This is the lineup.

Palitera64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

- Tennis World Tour 2: Niche, sub 60 metacritic.
- Hunter’s Arena: Legends: Around 60% approval on Steam, which is very bad. Also microtransaction focused.
- Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville: Cash grab, microtransaction focused.

Worst month in a long time.

I can't wait to see how even worse they will make it next month.

EvertonFC63d ago

You do realise 80% of gamepass games are just like this months ps plus games right yet thats OK cause you can try games you wouldn't normally buy right?
BTW thats the same for psnow too 80% filler 20% good games just like gamepass

Hellcat202063d ago

Kena comes out this month
Who gives a shit about ps plus games
If you want a new game then take advantage of the summer sale currently going on

Notellin63d ago

@EvertonFC and here is the first fanboy BS response. Only person in here making this a console war is yourself.

generic-user-name63d ago

"- Hunter’s Arena: Legends: Around 60% approval on Steam, which is very bad. "

I'm just after going through some of those reviews, a large percentage of the negative reviews I saw focus on not being able to find a match because of no playerbase rather than problems with the game itself. Coming to PS+ will be a big help in that regard and, as such, the Steam reviews aren't really useful in this situation outside of trying to dunk on the lineup.

KillBill63d ago

@EvertonFC - you obviously know little about the games on Game Pass.

S2Killinit63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Why do you assume that next month will be worst, and why cant you wait for it to be worst? I mean theyve had great PSPlus months, and one bad month. It doesnt make sense.

If you look back you see that this month is more in line with what the competition has been offering.

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Crazyglues64d ago

Wow... Trash../ ok I don't want to say trash but huge let down...

EvertonFC63d ago

I'll try the tennis as I like tennis but don't normally buy them cause there crap but I'll give it a wirl for some easy trophies same with plants vs zombies ping a few east trophies b4 uninstalling.

13sentinel64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

I feel like Sony started out the year strong with ps plus, but with each consecutive month it's been dropping off.. and if this is true, it's by far the worst line up of the year so far. Yuck.

sho0ok36064d ago

To be fare, there isn't many great games left that Sony didn't give out already. The only games left I guess are the new ones such demon souls returnal and R&C. And am sure it will be there in the upcoming months/year.

DarXyde63d ago

I would say that it's not a bad idea to do repeats of great games sometimes.

Not everyone has maintained their Plus membership in perpetuity.

Ratchet7564d ago

You don't expect Sony to put good games in August, do you?

ElvisHuxley64d ago

Dropping off? This is certainly a dropoff, if true, but I think the other months have been pretty good lately. Certainly if you compare it to the competition, which this one seems to be more in line with, again, if true.

oldenjon64d ago

Or.... Sony is saving something good for the holiday months.

dbcoops63d ago

Still enjoying the hell out of Wreckfest and Operation Tango is a blast to pay with a friend.

Profchaos63d ago

Really we've gotten huge games consecutively each month from control, squadrons, cod black ops 4, bfv, days gone, ff7 remake, shadow if the tomb raider, greedfall, plauge tail etc

This has been a solid year so far a underwhelming month doesn't change that.

Go back to 2013/2014 the PS3 PS4 and vita were the main consoles and os plus was unknown Indies every month and once every sixonths we might get a AA game

46player63d ago

The competition has given out trash all year, so unfortunately Sony is following suit and dropping the quality of the freebies.

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Sunny_D64d ago

Ehhh not every month can be a winner. I’m still working through the past ps plus games.

Yui_Suzumiya64d ago

That's a positive way to look at it at least

JTShiny63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

I wish I could be as positive but eh?!

Chocoburger63d ago

Indeed, PS+ games I've been playing recently:

Bulletstorn: Full Clip Edition (just beat it, and it's awesome)

Knack 1 (playing the game on Hard is much more difficult than I expected, but it's been pretty good, a nice change of pace with the glut of shooter games flooding the market)

Control (only tried out the beginning so far, but I think I'll end up enjoying it)

Super Time Force Ultra (a funny game with a unique take on traditional 2D run-and-gun shooters)

And there's tons more good stuff I haven't played yet like Puppeteer on PS3. There's just not enough time to play them all.

64d ago
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