REPLACED Interview: Devs Talk About the Upcoming Cyberpunk Game That Lit Up E3 2021

Twinfinite caught up with Sad Cat Studios to discuss the development of its upcoming cyberpunk cinematic-platformer, REPLACED.

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Obscure_Observer64d ago

"The biggest part of the partnership for us is that Microsoft actually cares about the indie market. Otherwise, well, there would be much fewer games on all platforms. They really give a chance to small studios to actually produce something and provide marketing awareness to people. I would say that for indie studios, I can’t even think of a con (with partnering with Microsoft) because they provide funding and marketing reach.”

"As for Game Pass, it allows more people to learn about the game, and actually play the game! Because there is frequently this situation for many players where they will see a game in the store and they want it, but at the same time it is $30, $60, or even more, and so you maybe Wishlist it, and then you usually forget."

"However, with Game Pass you just press a button and install. Of course, sometimes the possible con of this is that, you know, people might be too overflowing with games and so each game gets less attention. Still, equally, it is a chance for those games to shine. In other situations they might otherwise be drowned by thousands of other games.

Game Pass allows us and many other developers to actually deliver our project to people. Also, from what I heard, Game Pass also boosts sales, but we’ll see about that! To summarize, it’s a win, win situation for us.“

Keep up the excellent job, Phil & Team Xbox :)

Lightning7763d ago (Edited 63d ago )

"Of course, sometimes the possible con of this is that, you know, people might be too overflowing with games and so each game gets less attention."

This is how not works.

With each new release MS "spotlights" a particular game that they want to highlight. Say The Accent that's a major indie release that's on the same scale at Ori quality wise that game will get the spotlight and highlighted for gamepass as the game to download. MS will send a msg to Xbox users letting you know what next wave of games are coming so no game really gets lost in the shuffle but like I said MS will pick a game that they like and put it front and center to download. Sometimes it's a few days, or a week depending on the type of game. If it's a AAA like Outriders it could be spotlight for a entire month.

To me the game looks ok, I know MS will definitely spotlight the game whenever it releases as they seem real high on his project.

oof4663d ago

That's not what he was referring to. He meant that some people will be playing so many games at one time, or move on to the next without giving a game enough time to shine.

medman63d ago

When I first watched the xbox e3 event, somehow this game didn't make an impression on me. When I watched the presentation a second time this game blew me away. It looks fantastic. I'm really looking forward to playing it.

EvertonFC63d ago

Still awaiting a response from the devs on who did the soundtrack for the game 🙄