Bungie Issues Statement Regarding Stance Against Harassment

Bungie speaks up on its stance with the recent allegations about harrasment.

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sourOG63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Lol this is standard shit. Is there anyone here that works and hasn’t been through a sexual harassment class at work? Have you ever signed a contract that said it was okay to harass people? I have had to sit through that dumb video in every job I’ve ever had. Why do these people feel so special? Gaming is almost getting as fake as Hollywood.

sourOG63d ago

Not harassing and discriminating people is every job contract you’ve ever signed. Saying that you don’t promote harassment in the workplace implies that there is a workplace that condones harassment and discrimination. It doesn’t exist lol. Who are these statements for?

oldenjon63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

That doesn't stop it from happening. Activision Blizzard and Insomniac are recent examples. To my knowledge, there's only a handful of states that actually require sexual harassment training. You're jumping through legal hoops if the culture allows harassment to occur anyways, and as we've seen, it often does.

sourOG63d ago

It happens but it doesn’t mean it’s condoned by the company. Anybody that does harassment or discrimination breaks their contract whether training is required or not.

NotoriousWhiz62d ago

I've worked in three different industries and have literally never had a sexual harrassment class at work.

sourOG62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Every job I’ve ever had did that “training”. It’s the dumbest video you will ever see lol. Captain obvious shit that doesn’t even need to be said. I live in a strict right to work state as well, if you put your hands on someone it’s instant fired. When you were hired you signed that you wouldn’t harass and discriminate regardless.

And saying “culture shouldn’t allow this” is kinda crazy. What do people want “culture” to do? It’s like some of these guys just found out most humans are scumbags yesterday lol. Name one community that isn’t full of assholes. Shaolin Monks? That’s all I can think of. I saw an article saying “people aren’t happy with the punishment”. What is acceptable? Hanging at noon? Re-education camps? That uptopian culture doesn’t exist. Assholes are everywhere and there is nothing a company or culture can do without being a fascist scumbag like the people they are getting rid of.

oldenjon62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

@SourOG " if you put your hands on someone it’s instant fired " Yeah, because that's sexual assault, a step up from harassment. You might need to revisit that training class, seems you're confused about what sexual harassment even is.

sourOG62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

It doesn’t even have to be sexual. No company condones and endorses harassment and discrimination. If you can prove verbal or physical abuse the punishment is the same. Period.

“Well it happens anyways”
Yeah humans are scum. Welcome to the real world. When you move on from twitter activism and get a job read your contract.

W34KN35S61d ago

Yep, I agree some things dont need to be said because it is assumed to already be supported or true. Although its a drastic example , I have never seen a company come out and say they are against Intoxication or Murder because it is assumed that everyone already knows those things are not tolerated on the job or in life. So when companies make a statement about something that everyone already knows and supports , it is most likely because they are trying to virtue signal or they are insulting their colleagues and fans by assuming they dont already approve of the stance that the company is coming out against.

sourOG61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Virtue signaling to who though? Even the weirdos they think they are signaling to are trashing them for pandering lol. They come out with this statement and the people who would respond to this are like “that’s nice, when are we throwing stones? When are we burning culture down?”. It’s like corporation PR has been deluded into high school drama that no one cares about lol.

oldenjon59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

I see it more as setting an example for the industry, and a possible selling point for new applicants that they promote a culture that condemns sexual harassment. That's not the same as observing laws about sexual harassment.


And the pandering begins....

Any publisher that truly cares about ending harassment and discrimination in the workplace needs to blacklist any site that continues to review/promote Activision games. Period.

Actions speak louder than words.

TheColbertinator63d ago

Exactly. Hurt their money and their media coverage to make them crack.

The moment Activision begins to bleed cash those sexual predators will be ousted and turned in to the authorities.

63d ago
NeoGamer23262d ago (Edited 62d ago )

So, do you avoid buying goods made in countries where they pay people poorly, don't have benefits, have awful/unsafe working conditions, are harassed, discriminated against, and don't allow freedom of speech and religion?

Literally 90% of everything we buy has some sort of immoral or criminal involvement in its creation.

It is sad, I hope it changes over time and I think it is, because what is considered harassment and discrimination now is a lot different then it was even 20 years ago. This continues to evolve, and as long as companies are taking action and doing things to stop it, I still buy products. A company should be singled out only if it has a constant record of not changing. Not, because they have a few bad apples and are now weeding them out.

You do realize that probably about 99% of people who work at Activision have probably not experienced harassment? It is just a small part. It is not like Activision has a bunch of development offices in dark cold basements and are whipping everyone that takes a break. There has been a lot of change in the wrkplace over the past decades. We are eons ahead of where we were even 20 years back.

TheDibbler62d ago

Your statement doesn’t make sense. Activision is a publisher so they wouldn’t blacklist themselves from any sites. If you said it the other way around it would make more sense…sites should blacklist publishers who allow discrimination in the workplace.

Fist4achin63d ago

Didn't read the article, but is this one of those situations where someone harassed another employee and they are taking this stance to mitigate the damage that is sure to follow?!

ginganinja62d ago

Rather they're distancing themselves from Activision - who published Destiny.

ArmorOfGod62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Calling it now - At some point, a few years from now, men as a collective will realize that working with women is a hazard and refuse it in order to maintain our own safety. Not because all women are like this but because we won’t be able to tell the good ones from the cancerous, destructive feminists and so we will be forced to shield ourselves entirely. That will not end well for women. Shame, because I love good women. But wow, the evil ones are worse than any man.

NotoriousWhiz62d ago

I'll never understand this perspective, but it is your right to have it.

TheDibbler62d ago

What qualities do good women have in your eyes? Judging by your comment it sounds like you mean women who just sit and take it without trying to get you in trouble. All it takes to work with women is to treat them like a person. You can joke all you want as long as it isn’t sexual in nature or abusive. As Jim Jeffries would say…..try not to be a c*nt.

If you have these problems then you have probably failed that.

ArmorOfGod62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

@TheDibbler - you don’t seem to understand - there is a loosely connected network of incredibly hateful women whose life’s work is to destroy men in positions of power by any means necessary and replace those men with women in order to reverse the gender roles in society. This is a twisted ideology based on the false premise that men as a group have held women down for centuries when, in reality, our hierarchy is the result of nature.

So I guess to answer your question, the qualities of a good woman is essentially not being one of those.

got_dam62d ago

I'm all for a safe and healthy workplace. I also believe it's disingenuous for a company to put out a statement like this when they are not part of the situation. It makes me wonder if it is just Bungie trying to get ahead of any future allegations that may come their way. It also comes off as trying to drum up good PR on the back of something gross. It is akin to trying to profit off of misery. It would seem pretty grungy if a company similar to the one I work at had some kind of scandal and I put an advertisement out pointing out that my company is not all rapey so people should totally buy shit from us.

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