NXE: The Good, Bad, and How To Improve It

Filippo Dinolfo of SmashPad sits down and slices and dices everything in XNE. This post discusses what works, what doesn't, and how to make it all better. Among the suggestions:

* Add an option to turn avatars off
* Xbox Live Silver Plus: Would allow those who don't really care about online gaming (essentially Silver Members) to still enjoy Netflix at a price lower than Gold
* Xbox Live Platinum: Would allow non-Netflix members to enjoy the Netflix Instant Watch library without having to pay for the mail-in subscription service. Would also have all of the access of Gold.

And more

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AnthonyPerez3627d ago

I definitely like the idea of Xbox Live Silver Plus. I was telling a cousin of mine about Netflix on the Xbox 360. He games, but doesn't really have any interest in playing online. He was annoyed when he found out he had to pay for the Xbox Live Gold subscription in order to get that Netflix access since he really won't take advantage of the other Gold services.

So I think a Silver Plus that gives your Netflix access could work, but $29.99 may be too steep. $19.99 would be better, IMO.

AlexQuevedo3627d ago

Actually I was telling my brother about it because he's trying to decide between a 360 and PS3. He heard about the Netflix thing but didn't know you need to get a Gold subscription. He hates playing online because the other people annoy him. He has Netflix, but he's not willing to pay $50 extra in order to stream Netflix.

CrashSpyro1233627d ago

I think they need to fix the psychotic install issues. Some games load fast as hell, others slow like crazy. It may be the issue mentioned in the article, but either way they gotta fix it.

NaiNaiNai3627d ago

most of the games that load slower on the HDD, cache to the HDD from the disk, that means its trying to read the HDD in two different spots at once when you install. >.> but then again you wouldn't know that would you.

Rhoic3627d ago

Bingo, Nai!

Halo 3 and Oblivion are examples.

TheForgotten0ne3627d ago

I want the netflix I really do! It's something I would love to have on my PS3, but then again, when you don't have to pay to watch movies, well, I go for the free way!

The avatars look sweet, just that I don't see the point with them. It looks cool and all, but can you use them in anyway? Except dressing them up like dolls?

The Innstall thing isn't something for me, I don't mind changing the discs, and I play one game for some time so the disc is inside my PS3 all the time anyways. Anyone know if that can make my discs to go get broken?

The parties are a brilliant idea, I don't play much online so not a big for me, but something I would like to have on PS3 anyways : )

AmpedMan3627d ago

Netflix *is* nice and all, but the library of movies is a bit underwhelming. You'll really like it if you're into documentaries though, or it could be a good way to find an interest in them. There are tons of good documentaries on it.

Gammbit3627d ago

Perhaps Sony could respond with BlockBuster on the PS3. See...easy fix.

JayTee09023627d ago

I love the party mode. It's been great for me and my buddies. It's the simplest addition, but probably my favorite so far.

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