'Metroid Fusion' is a GBA Masterpiece

Just like Super Metroid before it, Metroid Fusion is a 16-bit masterpiece...

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Community84d ago
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masterfox85d ago

It was good, but not as good as Super Metroid, that is the true Masterpiece imo, the order of best Metroid Games are at least for me are Super Metroid >Metroid Prime >Metroid Fusion, everything else from Nintendo hasnt been able to replicate the greatness those games were , and for the look of it the new Metroid Dreadful is going to be well ...dreadful imo.

Gaming4Life198184d ago (Edited 84d ago )

Nothing beats super metroid but metroid fusion is close behind it. Metroid prime was good but I'd rather have the 2d metroids over it. Metroid prime 2 & 3 sucked imo.

Metroid fusion was the reason I got a DS( the game boy that flips up) and I loved it. Plus the gravity gun was cool.

plmkoh84d ago

Zero Mission is better than Fusion.

MetroidFREAK2183d ago

I love Zero Mission, but personally have will always choose Fusion over it.

UltimateOwnage84d ago

It was one of the few 2D games that got my pulse pounding. I still clearly remember trying to outrun SA-X and feeling trapped. Incredible game, but so dark and gritty I’ve had a hard time wanting to replay it after all these years. Super Metroid is still distilled Nintendo R&D1 magic, and I can’t get enough of it after all this time. Zero Mission is close behind, but so different. I almost consider Fusion to be a different beast altogether. That and Prime being released around the same time was truly Metroid nirvana.

Einhander197184d ago

Super Metroid, Fusion, Zero mission:)

MetroidFREAK2183d ago (Edited 83d ago )

The game is my favorite Metroid game and overall game of all time. I absolutely love the story and change done to Samus as a character. The environments despite being man-made feel organic and lively. The music is phenomenal and sets the tone of each sector perfectly! I love how menacing and dark the X parasites are and how they mimic any organic lifeform. I love how Samus was infected and now there is a copy of her trying to hunt her down to essentially destroy her and if she freezes you, she tries to shatter you like a Metroid since you have Metroid DNA... The details in this game man... I really don't mind the linear nature of this game in the slightest as it still feels like Metroid, but a more focused one and I just love it. It crazy how this game is going to be 19 years old and I've had my copy since Christmas Day 2002... I'm going to be 30 and I've had my copy since I was 11 and I still love it as much as I did when I first played it