PS5 vs Xbox Series X|S vs Switch Launch Sales Comparison Through Week 35

Through the first 35 weeks available worldwide the PlayStation 5 is ahead of the Switch and Xbox Series X|S by a fair margin. The PS5 is ahead of the Switch by 2.89 million units and is 4.08 million units ahead of the Xbox Series X|S. The Switch is ahead of the Xbox Series X|S by 1.19 million units.

The PS5 has sold 10.01 million in 35 weeks worldwide, while the Switch sold 7.12 million units and the Xbox Series X|S 5.93 million units.

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DefenderOfDoom263d ago

I wonder what the numbers would be if covid 19 did not exist.

Spenok63d ago

Surely you mean the global semiconductor shortage and not a virus?

demonseye63d ago

well, personally I think Covid increased the demand for Consoles so pretty much every console benefits from covid in that way. the downside is obviously production has been slowed a bit because of it. but that downside is barely noticeable because the chip shortage is the bigger issue.