1UP: Square Enix was Interested in Final Fantasy XI on PS3

There are lots of ways you can play the everlasting Final Fantasy XI -- on your PC, your Xbox 360, and even (in case you've forgotten) on a hard drive-equipped PlayStation 2. Where many people can't play it, though, is on PlayStation 3s, as most models lack backwards compatibility. But when we caught up with the FFXI development team at the Fan Fest event in Hollywood, California over the weekend, we learned an interesting tidbit: It turns out Square Enix was indeed looking into the possibility of releasing a version of FFXI for the PS3, until they ran into a small snag.

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Nathan Drake3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )


Saigon3658d ago

I think this is SE saying that we tried working with Sony, but they did not want to work with us...I think this is another way to point fingers to why Sony does not have an SE game on the PS3...sad to say this was a failed attempt...

NegativeCreepWA3658d ago

Isn't the PS2 version already playable on the PS3? I thought it was the only game you dont need a 40 gig PS3 to play.

RyuStrife3658d ago

From reading that, the thing is that they want the PS3 "version" to be the PS2 version, so the ps3 has to have BC. It seems they don't want to start from the ground up on the PS3

xenogamer3658d ago

75drk/war Galka!!!! Ive quit tho, i played for a year and a half, wow has nothing on FF11 except millions of subs... but 11 is a bit more of a hardcore MMO, hundres of hours grinding.

prowiew3657d ago

I have two friends that are addicted to this game. And they are not gamers. Weird. They both has the 360. One of them has this game only and the other halo and this game. Ive been tempted to buy the game cause of them, but paying a monthly fee kills it for me.

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Le-mo3658d ago

PlayStation 3 owners: "We are not interested in Final Fantasy XI on PlayStation 3."

rhood0223658d ago

According to reception of the game to date, very few people care about Final Fantasy XI. So your attempt at fanboyism fails.

CrashSpyro1233658d ago

I don't think it was a fanboyish attack against any other consoles, but just a statement about how no one cares about FFXI

3658d ago
LeonSKennedy4Life3658d ago

How can you call FFVIII bad?

Also, FFIX has the best reviews of the PS1 FF's.

FFX wasn't good for you either?

Honestly...I think Kingdom Hearts has taken over for JRPG king. The same team is doing Versus XIII, expect it to be the better game.

SaiyanFury3658d ago

I don't care about FFXI. I don't play online RPGs and I never will. FFXI is the single Final Fantasy game that I've never played.

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Chris Hansen3658d ago

Here's my projections for Square Enix in the coming years.

Level-5 will stop making Dragon Quest for S-E, and the franchise will die after DQIX. Going from one of the best looking games on PS2 (DQ8) to a DS game? Seriously, Square?
Tetsuya Nomura will leave Square Enix after FFVersusXIII.
Kingdom Hearts franchise will be instantly dead without Nomura.
No chance of FFVII remake without Nomura.
The Final Fantasy franchise will die without Nomura's characters.
Square Enix will file for bankruptcy

emanon883658d ago

You do realize that Nomura has only been doing characters since about FF VII or so and really the company could survive without Nomura.

Neo-Delta3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

Square wouldn't be the same without Nomura's ideas. Kingdom Hearts wouldn't exist either. Square became mainstream after FFVII because of the characters, which Nomura designed. FFXII and FFIX were the only recent games which Nomura wasn't apart of, in terms of character design, they sucked (apart from Fran in ffxii =D)

Gun_Senshi3658d ago

If Nomura leaves SE its THE END

I actually hope Nomura LEaves SE and joins Level-5

Bladestar3658d ago

and then... Microsoft buys SE for $500,000 (LOL!) and the Playstation will never see another Final Fantasy game...

LeonSKennedy4Life3658d ago

we would get Nomura. He's worth more than SE altogether.

Nomura = Kingdom Hearts.

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ShinnokDrako3658d ago

I hope not... i hated FF XI and i hated PlayOnline.... the most crappy and boring title in the saga (i can't forget my "Level Down".... and the years to get it back -_-)

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