Women’s football to be included in Football Manager

Neil writes: "It’s fair to say that the women’s game has exploded in recent years. Whilst men’s football has been at the forefront of the game for decades, that of the women’s game has only really begun to take hold over the last few. But the strides it has made have been noticed everywhere, most notably at Sports Interactive and SEGA as they announce that work has started on a multi-year project to ensure that women’s football is included in their iconic Football Manager series."

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-Hermit-64d ago

And just like with FIFA, nobody will touch the women's teams.

See, the problem with women's football (apart from being sunday league quality at best) is that instead of trying to gain popularity naturally, they are forcing it on people and telling us we have to like it or we are sexists. Sorry, but it doesn't work like that, the simple fact is that it's utter trash, and shoving it in my face and telling me I have to like it won't change that. It doesn't help that one of the faces of the women's game is one of the most insufferable footballers I have ever seen in my life, Megan Rapinoe.

Smok9164d ago

How is it shoved in your face when it’s a feature you can completely ignore in game? Seems like complaining to complain.

-Hermit-64d ago

I was talking about women's football in general rather than Football Manager.

anast64d ago

Hence the screen name "Hermit"...

Yi-Long64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

Who is saying YOU *have* to like it? Have you considered that not not every piece of content is made specifically for you, and JUST you? You can completely ignore the women’s football part of this game. It’s not going to affect your experience, at all. But there are millions of women on this planet who play, watch & enjoy football, and perhaps now for some of those this game is gonna be more interesting to pick up and they might enjoy it more. Not just women btw, as there are lots of men who can enjoy women’s football as well. Watching The Netherlands - Brazil game on the Olympics as I write this.