We're excited about the Dead Space remake, but EA has a lot to prove

With Motive Studios taking the reins on this iconic horror franchise, there's a lot of reasons to be excited for the Dead Space remake, but EA still has to prove a few things.

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locomorales58d ago

What's wrong with other EA's remasters?

Direwolf48458d ago

Nothing, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition was excellent. But a remake, announced less than four years after the original developer was shut down, is a big step up from that. I'm optimistic it'll be great!

locomorales58d ago

None of the acclaimed "remakes" (luxury remasters) were made by the original studios. Most of them were either closed or had abandoned IPs for decades.

annoyedgamer58d ago

Its also announced less than a year after the original creators announced their Dead Space successor.

NeoGamer23258d ago

Their recent remasters are really good, but they have had some very average remasters before that. Burnout Remastered, NFS remasters, etc.

I don't think EA has to really prove anything on this one, they just have to stick to the formula they used with Mass Effect.

VersusDMC58d ago

I think it's Motive that has something to prove. Starwars Squadrons was graphically meh to me when i played it and i don't know what else they have done.

58d ago
FlavorLav0157d ago

Dead Space was amazing, and the original is worthy of a Bluepoint quality remake. I sure hope EA can do it justice.

Knightofelemia57d ago

EA should have kept Visceral opened and had them work on this remake. If I was an ex employee and working on all three games just putting blood sweat and tears into a franchise that is memorable. Just to have my studio shut down and me fired and seeing this I would be a urked. I really do want this remake to be good Dead Space is my favorite horror franchise but two letters on the cover wrecked it for me when they shut down Visceral.

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