If You're an A****le, I Don't Want You As A Customer - Publisher Says

TGG says: "A Statement From Stefan Marcinek, Founder and CEO of Assemble Entertainment. I am only concerned with serving customers who have their hearts in the right place."

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monkey6021034d ago

While I ultimately agree with this stance and wish more people weren't afraid to say something similar, there's a middle ground. Anyone abusive or nasty should absolutely be told to go F themselves. But bare in mind not everyone with an opposing view is evil or unreasonable. To take that severe a reaction to them could be seen as hypocritical.

I'll admit I have no clue what the political reference to Germany is there, so maybe the statement is more fitting than it seems strange to me right now ha

TheOptimist1034d ago

I think there is a massive difference between a critic and an asshole tbh

EvertonFC1034d ago

Critics and ass holes are both

XiNatsuDragnel1034d ago

I disagree with people like you. Critics and assholes are very different tbh.

Rimeskeem1033d ago

Critics are those who want something to be better. Assholes are those who just mean with no actual longing for something to be better.

dragonyght1033d ago

Unfortunately Critic and asshole get get lump together in order to deflect any sort of criticism, and it have become the default tactic Nowadays by Dev/Studio/Publisher

strifeblade1033d ago

Ahh I see the latter is what I normally see if PlayStation fanboys on this site.

NeoGamer2321033d ago (Edited 1033d ago )

The article the speakers make no mention of ass****s. The author of the article titled it this way to get clicks.

"If you are one of those people who can’t accept others because they don’t fit your worldview, because they are gay, lesbian, bi, trans or queer, who considers people with a different skin color, religion or ancestry than your own to be foreign or abnormal, who can’t stand them or even insults them, in what way ever, or who is incapable of respecting women and is violent; who votes for “parties” that are disgusting and inhuman, supports them, sympathizes with them or is active as a politician for them (yes, I’m referring especially to the AfD in Germany), then I want to make this perfectly clear:

I don’t want you as a customer!"

is the exact words in the article. The title of this article should be changed because the author is interpreting the remarks, the co-founder did not state that explicitly. I have no clue why this article was approved as is.

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MoonConquistador1034d ago

His main point wasn't about being abusive or nasty. The majority of people have had odd moments of being abusive or can reflect in times in their life where they have been nasty and wish they had acted differently.

But underneath are your core values and beliefs. Do you believe that women can't do certain jobs that men can. Do you believe that people with a different skin colour are inferior or lessen the greatness of your once great "white supremacist empire". Do you look down on people who are different to your ideal whether that be their gender, identity, sexual preferences, race creed or colour.

I think it was a well written statement and I for one applaud him for making it.

Well done sir

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John_McClane1034d ago

It's just more woke, cancel culture crap, go woke go broke.

InUrFoxHole1034d ago

Women can do the same jobs as men... Just not as well.

frostypants1034d ago (Edited 1034d ago )

I mean...the average woman CAN'T do certain jobs that the average man can, because like it or not there ARE physical differences...on average. Doesn't mean than some women can't buck the norm, and they absolutely should be allowed to. But if, for example, military physical requirements have to be dumbed down so more women can pass muster, that's where a line is being crossed (in that particular example, lives and unit effectiveness are being put at risk for a feel-good quota). And if we're to believe that they CAN do anything a man can do on average, then such handicapping wouldn't be necessary.

Point being there's nuance to this stuff. I'd also point out that the things women can do that men can't do are even more biologically stark.

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dbcoops1034d ago

The problem is literally none of that has anything to do with selling a person a video game, he has no idea what anyone who buys one of his games thinks or feels or believes and it has no barring on him personally, as such this is little more than an angry rant from what he sees as the moral high ground. I think when we start dictating to people to not buy products because their personal views differ from our own we are heading down a very slippery slope. More importantly who made him the authority on core values and beliefs?

_Decadent_Descent1034d ago (Edited 1034d ago )

Women can't do all the same jobs as men, or even some of the same jobs to the same effectiveness as men. That's not discrimination, that's just an understanding and acceptance of empirical and anatomical facts.

Sayai jin1034d ago

@OrganicGamer, you and maby others still trying to push white-washed history. Yes, there have been slaves throughout time. Europeans, Africans, Asians, etc across the globe and time. Yet, the largest amount on scale, systematically slave trade was the Transatlantic Slave trade. Mutliple European countries had it down to percerted science. Yes, there were African tribes who sold Africans to Europeans for weapons and other goods, but most slaves were just taken and once most European countries figured out how to not trade Africans for slaves. They cut out the middle man. From the Brithish, Dutch, Swedes, Italian, French, Portuguese, and so on moved hundreds of millions of slaves for centuries from Africa. They had drops in throughout South America and the Carribean and onto the US. Where thede invaders pillaged, pkudered, looted, enslaved, killed, etc unchecked. The brutality of the Transatlantic Slave Trade was published and taught by Europeans. They had courses on how to breed, subjugate, etc their captors.

So you speak of history, speak truth, not nonsense. History perfectly reports the barbaric acts of the Barbary Slave Trade, slavery in Asia, Ancient Egypt slave trade, etc. Yetx when you speak of conquest and slavery Europeans whitewash and sugarcoat the savaragey, terrorism, invasion, genocide, etc globally as exploration, colonialism, etc. Times up though, just look at the migration around the globe.

Sayai jin1034d ago

@John Mclane, Cancel culture is in reality people finally being held accountable. Strap up, becuase there's no stopping.

Sayai jin1033d ago

Justadelision. Only a fool would believe that. Evil people are evil. I have seen my fair share of it as I deployed globally in the military.

Imalwaysright1033d ago (Edited 1033d ago )

Sayai jin

White washing? When slavery is the topic, everyone and their mother will invariable and always talk about the atlantic slave trade with some even claiming that slavery was invented by the big bad white men.

Pretty much no one talks about Egypt that enslaved the entire population of Israel, Mali's Mansa Musa who became the richest man to have ever lived on the backs of every single person that he enslaved and he alone "owned" 60 000 slaves. No one talks about the 1 million white people that were enslaved during the atlantic slave trade. No one talks about native american tribes enslaving rival tribes, no one talks about slavery happening today in Africa and how it's not illegal to "own" slaves in some african countries while in my country, Portugal, slavery was abolished in 1863, in the UK was abolished in1807 and in the USA a civil war was started in 1861 due to disagreements about slavery.

Today slavery is seen as a white men evil despite the fact that many countries in every single continent had slave economies centuries ago so don't give me your crapola about white washing of history when the opposite is what's happening today.

13sentinel1033d ago (Edited 1033d ago )

"Do you believe that people with a different skin colour are inferior or lessen the greatness of your once great "white supremacist empire".

Translation: "Only white people are racist" - The racist.

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Ristul1033d ago

If there is a fire in your building and you need firefighter to carry you out of the building, would you want a woman or a man to do the job. Men and woman are not the same, we are very different in a lot of ways. Musclemass and strenght is one of those factors.

Stefan Marcinek is a leftist elit, looks down on anyone with a conservative nature it seems. Oh well, l have never bought any of his games so no worries.

gamer78041033d ago

Some of what he said I agree with but other parts were basically If you disagree or vote differently politically you are not welcome as a customer. IMO the message was passionate but inconsistent.

Sayai jin1032d ago

@Imalwaysright, reading/comprehension is fundamental. You can be upset and/or disillusioned about slavery being white washed, but you are not disagreeing with me. You are disagreeing with the majority
of history scholars across the planet. They acknowledge Anglos from Europe have whitewashed history across the globe. This isn't an opinion, it's a well known fact. It was even done on maps. Where most American and European maps and globes would depict Africa as the same size or as smaller continents...i.e. show the continental US and scale it to the size of Africa. Pathetic. The white washing of history won't be tolerated. It has and is still trying to be done. For instance, my homes state of Texas is attempting to take portions of US slavery, civil rights, Women's suffrage out as a requirement. It was in MCMillian Book Co. who produces school books in the US, had a few state's (Texas being one) middle school history books mention US slavery as more of a indentured servitude and that slaves were happy because their masters fed them and they sang. The curriculum mentioned that the slaves would work very hard and sing, then after, their over-seerer (that's another term they try to whitewash), more like their slave owner, would have a barbeque for them and let them dance and sing. This is on just a microscale, but the attempted white wahsing is on the macroscale. More white washing...calling invasion and terrorism colonialism...

"When slavery is the topic, everyone and their mother will invariable and always talk about the Atlantic slave trade with some even claiming that slavery was invented by the big bad white men."

Who's everyone? When people say things like everyone and nobody at all they are usually speaking of a narrow or anecdotal viewpoint. I have lived all over the globe and have a good bit of higher education and I have heard about the different slave practices throughout history and I have seen lectures, documentaries, etc about those practices. People talk about other forms of slavery. The main reason why people speak of the transatlantic slave trade is due to the amount of slaves, duration, amount countries, etc again this is where reading and comprehension is crucial. Again, these are undeniable facts. You disagree? These are presented in all literature.


Sayai jin1032d ago

@Imalwaysright, Answer me this. Do you still see the effects of the Barbary slave trade or Egyptian slave trade? If so, to what extent? Another reason why people refer to the transatlantic slave trade is because you can see still the impact from it today. Take a look and start in South America and go north to Canada. You will still see the effects of slavery. It is multifaceted. Do I need to explain why? Another reason is that Europeans who enslaved, invaded, etc did so on a global scale. Look all over the globe, from India, North America, South America, Caribbean, etc. They stole land, committed genocide, etc for centuries.

Media, Countries, Organizations (i.e. NATO) people talk about the slavery occurring today in Africa, China, et...even down to human smuggling. You know this.

Yes, Africans, Native Americans, British, etc owned slaves and had slave like practices. It was all over the globe and throughout history. Most of those practices were more of an indentured servitude or when one tribe defeated another tribe, they would enslave the women and children instead of slaughtering them...unlike Europeans did to the Native Americans.

Some whites in America mention, but there was slavery everywhere to attempted to deflect that we are talking about the happenings in our country. You speak of the ending of slavery in different parts of the world as if I am unaware, but conveniently don't mention that those slave practices still continued well after that. Another reason why people refer to the transatlantic slave trade is the fact that Europeans and white Americans continued to cruelly treat and subjugate the descendants of those slave for 50 to 80 years past. Black Code, Jim Crow, Apartheid, etc. Some will even say that after slavery was ended in the US, that it was even worse for black Americans, because, slaves were no longer property or an asset and slave owners and their loyalists would perpetuate evil acts for decades.

The white washing of history is a "No Go" and is being called out just like all the other injustices that were for so long white washed. The chickens are coming home to roost, just look at the migration, immigration, demographic changes, etc around the globe. Certain folks don't like truth being spoke, but it will be spoke

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helghastfan1034d ago

The AfD is Germany's far right anti-immigrant, extremist political party. They won support for their views on blocking immigrants entry into Germany. They also have ties to extremist groups so I think the studio founder is talking about more than a difference of opinion.

MoonConquistador1034d ago (Edited 1034d ago )

Oh he is very much. Supporters and voters of the AfD have some of the core beliefs I was referring to in my above posts.

He doesn't try to hide that he's referring to their supporters in his message. But that reference at least also includes every far right political party around the globe, being German he only really highlighted the point from his own country.

Every country seems to have their own version of the AfD. Some just disguise it better than others too

B68W1033d ago

Extremist by your partisan view. The Afd is Germany's third largest seat holding political party. A political party wanting restrictions on immigration, especially during the massive migration crisis over the last decade, does not make them extremist, nor does holding traditionalist views. Advocating for violence to achieve their political goals would make them extremists.

dbcoops1034d ago

I find that its often those who demand acceptance, inclusion and equality like this gentleman who are the least accepting, inclusive and willing to see others as equal out of everyone.

gamer78041033d ago (Edited 1033d ago )

This is the problem with taking this stance. What are “truly right values” and what is the difference between intolerant and just a worldview I don’t like. Tolerance is disagreeing but still being civil with one another, it’s not agreeing regardless…. A better idea, both realistically and financially, is just don’t engage in conversation with someone who is behaving in a manner that you view to be rude. The mean and rude part I understand the rest is basically if you disagree with them then they don’t want you as a customer, even if they have no control over that.

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DnBSkillZ1034d ago

But most publishers are assholes