How to Sign Up for PlayStation Direct to Get a PS5

Getting a PS5 is still very difficult, but signing up for PlayStation Direct is one way to make the process potentially a little bit easier.

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Eonjay84d ago

This is the easiest way by far. Hands down.

84d ago
Sayai jin84d ago

Good luck to trying to get one.
Well except scalpers.

Grave84d ago

I tried for 6 months damn near everyday on all the websites and apps with no luck. I gave up and then a few weeks later Playstation direct sent me an email asking if I'd like to buy a PS5 digital. I signed on and purchased one in the window they gave me. It was no problem. It was so easy I worried I was being scammed, but my PS5 showed up a few days later. Love it!!

EvertonFC84d ago

My mate missed out on a ps5 cause he hadn't setup his account with argos who had ps5 in stock, by the time he filled all his bank details in it was out of stock.
I did tell him weeks ago to do just that setup all your accounts but he never listens lol.

Inverno84d ago

Why can't they just sell em through the playstation store to all that have had a playstation account for longer than a year?

Bladesfist84d ago

That's basically what Valve did with the Steam Deck, I imagine if Playstation did that their retail partners would get very angry though. Retailers love to block moves like this

TheRealHeisenberg84d ago

I hate my damn luck. I searched my email after seeing this and there in fact was an email from Sony on July 14th containing my invite for the 16th. I hardly have time to check my email while at work and have been busy studying every evening after work. Maybe I should try being a slacker so I can get a PS5.

Does anybody know the odds at getting another such email?

tagzskie84d ago

i just wish they make the requirements like have an psn account w/ 10 or more games in it or at least 5+ years old account. Then show the sony mail in the store so that we can buy ps5, anywhere in the world because i am in japan and my psn account is america and iam a filipino. I wish they prioritize the ps gamers who have legitly play games.