Dead Space Remake Coming to Next-Gen Consoles Only is a Big Deal

Dead Space Remake has been announced to be skipping last-gen consoles, which could spell some great things for the survival horror game.

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iplay1up260d ago

We are approaching the 1 year mark for new consoles. They are no longer "next gen" they are current gen. I for one am happy that they are coming to the new consoles only. More focus can be put into the newer hardware. No doubt EA will knock the graphics out of the park.

Lightning7759d ago

I think they're being called next gen still is because the lack of current gen games. The newer systems are sharing majority of last gen games still.


But that’s extremely typical. Outside of Halo, Mario 64, and Wii Sports, 1st year games usually aren’t that memorable.

I was surprised we got Returnal for PS5 in the first year, but I suppose that might be a personal gem for me

Spenok58d ago

Makes no difference to the fact the hardware is available, and is now the CURRENT generation of hardware.

The day "next gen" hardware launches is the day it becomes current gen. Every gen.

rakentaja59d ago

As long as new games come out on older hardware, we still have two generations on the table. There is a big difference if the Forza Motorsport 8 is only for the next generation, but the Forza Horizon 5 shares the same old but upgraded engine with the old hardware.

Sephiroushin58d ago

Still on consoles theres last gen (games released on both) and current gen (games released only (ps5 xsx) theres no longer a next gen until ps6 (or w/e) new xbox etc is released

NeoGamer23258d ago

Shipping on the current gen console vs fully re-writing the engine and game to take advantage of the current generation consoles are two very different things.

I hope they are truly redoing the game for this generation of consoles but the reality is that they coined this a remaster, so it is probably just a graphical upgrade with the engine game engine getting minor upgrades.

MetroidFREAK2159d ago

I get all my story driven/single player games on my PS5. I have the trilogy on Xbox Series X via backwards compatibility and I need to play them...

CrimsonWing6959d ago

That’s, uh—that’s kind of how it used to be with a next-gen console. I sure as sh*t don’t remember the first Dead Space being on the original Xbox.

59d ago
SugarSoSweet58d ago

Good I HATE cross gen games..

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