Classic Konami Beat 'em Up Vendetta Now Available on PlayStation and Switch

Japanese publisher Hamster is best known for porting numerous classic arcade games to PlayStation and Nintendo Switch (plus some NeoGeo games on Xbox). The Arcade Archives series makes it possible to play dozens of games from yesteryear, many of which have never been released on consoles before. The latest Arcade Archives release is Konami's Vendetta, the sequel to Crime Fighters.

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darthv7296d ago

This is the perfect game that the evercade needs for its konami arcade collection vol 1.

Knushwood Butt96d ago

I grabbed Raiden a couple of weeks ago. The third stage boss is kicking my ass.

eastx96d ago

Sweet! I need to pick that up as well.

Knushwood Butt96d ago

Recently they have been releasing one a week, but some of them are pretty obscure.

I think Raiden is the first Seibu Kaihatsu game they have released so far so I really hope there are more Seibu games on the way.

scoltar96d ago

This game is so awesome! I'm definitely buying this one! I know I'm in the minority, but I really miss good beat 'em up games!

Aussiesummer96d ago (Edited 96d ago )

I wonder if the gay leather men that sexually assault you on the train are still in it, lol, pissed ourselves laughing as kids when it first happened while playing it in time zone.

CrimsonWing6996d ago

Arcade Archives is pretty fantastic. I wish they’d release a physical collection of volumes.

Knushwood Butt96d ago

Yeah, that's an excellent idea.

Sometimes the odd one or two pop up in sales but a compilation would be great.

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The story is too old to be commented.