Why Xbox Should Make a Handheld Like Switch and Steam Deck

Now that the Steam Deck and Switch OLED are leading a resurgence of handheld gaming devices, Xbox should launch its own entry into the market.

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DJStotty65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

No, they should not, they have zero need to, their solution to the handheld market is Xcloud.

"While xCloud famously allows players to use its service on basically every gaming platform, there is a big catch. Users need to either have an internet or cellular connection. In other words, "play anywhere" means "play anywhere someone is connected."

Lmao, what do you think the steam deck is using? CDROM?

VenomUK65d ago

Somebody hasn’t been paying attention to what Microsoft say or do. The division’s goal is to develop a market leading cloud gaming subscription service that requires no upfront purchase and is ubiquitous like Netflix, ie available on almost every third party computing device.

Zeref65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Well there's no significant gaming handheld that supports GamePass streaming yet. Steamdeck would be the first IF it's successful.

I think a cheap Xbox streaming handheld has more chance to succeed than the Steamdeck.

DJStotty63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Exactly, the exact explanation of why THEY do not need a dedicated device.

You just literally confirmed what i said......

NotoriousWhiz65d ago

Steam deck runs the games natively.

DJStotty63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Good luck with that 64GB of local storage buddy....... can not even fit COD on....

"Doom Eternal and Death Stranding wouldn’t fit on the entry-level Steam Deck, due to their size. Each requires 80 GB of storage, according to their Steam pages."

People should really research first...

DJStotty63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

"Steam deck runs the games natively."

But the majority will stream, due to the size of the local storage, in which case the article attempting to bash Xcloud for having to be "online", needs to realise, and explain, that most users of the steam deck, will stream the games rather than shelling out $700, something they fail to do.

If people opt for the entry level deck, then they will be online, and streaming the big games, that was my entire point, skipped over by the masses.

NotoriousWhiz62d ago

It supports SD cards. Same as the Switch...

--Onilink--65d ago

An internal drive???

It shouldnt be that hard to make out the difference between streaming a game and downloading a game…

DJStotty63d ago

Your right, so why does the article basically insinuate that the steam deck will always be offline? when the reality is it will most probably be connected, due to the userbase streaming as opposed to playing natively?

To fit 4 or 5 games on the device you need to shell out $649 for 512GB of storage.

DarthMarvin65d ago

If Xcloud is their solution, they should probably work on making it not complete trash.

DJStotty63d ago

Never said it was great, simply said Xbox will not make a dedicated handheld, they will let others do the hardware, and they will put xcloud/gamepass on it, come on guys it is not that hard to figure out.

The article is saying Xbox needs to make a handheld device, the reality is, no they do not.

oldenjon64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

Yeah Xcloud isn't really a viable mobile service for another 5-10 years. And it's still probably not the preferred way to play at that point, due to multitasking, performance and connectivity issues, etc. Devices like Steam Deck can feasibly become the market and mind share leaders of AAA mobile gaming in that time frame. Devices that allow you to download games will always have an edge over services like xcloud.

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TheGreatGazoo3065d ago

They don't need to. You can play GamePass and Xbox games through the MS store on SteamDeck.

Killer73nova65d ago

I’m sure Microsoft knew about this and have some type of deal with steam. But who knows

FinalFantasyFanatic64d ago

This, there is literally no reason for Microsoft to make a competing product, especially when Steam Deck has all it's games and more, Microsoft making a handheld would be them sending it out to die.

Lionsguard65d ago

No thanks, The X-Deck wouldn't be an open system guaranteed.

Zeref65d ago

There's good reasons why closed systems are so successful, they have their benefits.
console games usually perform a lot better than comparable PC builds for example.

Lionsguard63d ago

If Microsoft just came out and said "Okay, we admit it, The Xbox series X is just a computer and issued a firmware update that allowed you to install windows (11 for best results?) on it and still run Xbox games off it as normal, then what's the difference? The Steam Deck is pre-installed with Steam OS for best results but it has the option to install whatever a PC can handle. That's the difference, we're given options instead having us jerked around inside a walled garden when in reality, the Xbox really is just a fancy computer.

This also only applies to Microsoft and not Sony or or Nintendo because Xbox games are also designed to be playable with PC. Sony games are only designed for the Playstation. They COULD design it for the PC as well but they're not tied with Windows in any way, they don't have an edict that forces them to also design it with PC in mind, same goes for Nintendo to an even greater degree.

Zeref63d ago

"This also only applies to Microsoft and not Sony or or Nintendo because Xbox games are also designed to be playable with PC. Sony games are only designed for the Playstation."

Do you have any idea how stupid you sound?

Inverno65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

MS is probably looking at the deck closely. If it's successful and spawns other products not only will linux be more mainstream but MS will release a windows optimized for portable PCs and make money off em no problem. Remember PCs aren't MS but they reign supreme in that market

TheGreatGazoo3065d ago

SteamDeck will run windows, Xcloud, and GamePass... No reason for them to make the hardware.

--Onilink--65d ago

To be fair, while it is possible to install windows on it, the moment you start adding more and more steps like this one between the consumer and a service the less likely it is to become more mainstream.

I could see them looking into the idea of having gamepass natively on steamOS if the deck starts selling well

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