Dead Space Remake Devs Discuss How EA Motive Is Using Next-Gen Tech to Revive a Horror Classic | IGN

Dead Space's developers talk to IGN about how they're staying true to the original game while modernizing it with the latest next-gen tech, and the help of fans.

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gantarat63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Interesting, A Remake seem will improve/expanded the story from original (Issac likely can speak in Remake) and add Lore (reference/link) from the sequel, spin-off, animate movie, comic, novel, etc.

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ajax1763d ago

wtf?! how long has this been announced?! I had no idea about this

iNcRiMiNaTi63d ago

Was announced yesterday at the EA Play thing

plmkoh63d ago

Frostbite engine is bad news.

BLow63d ago

Really? You played the game already? Please explain your opinion....

wiz719162d ago

Going by their track record , every third person game made with frostbite was an unoptimized mess at release