Here’s Our First Look at Battlefield Portal Gameplay; Features Arica Harbor and Caspian Border

Here's our first-ever Battlefield Portal gameplay look where we see Arica Harbor and Caspian Border make a return.

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excaliburps64d ago

Imagine how many crazy modes there will be. Knives vs. Defribs is an obvious one but vehicles-only? Old school weaponry against new ones?

EvertonFC64d ago

I'm really looking fwd to old vs new military battles or modes like helicopters vs tanks etc

EvertonFC64d ago

I'm disappointed in no campaign but I have to say I'm really liking what I'm seeing so far.

toyzombie64d ago

I wonder if this feature will come out like a year after the game launches....

Elit3Nick64d ago

They confirmed it will be there at launch

John_McClane64d ago

I just want a new shooter that doesn't suck.

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