New Dead Space Announced, Here’s the First Trailer

As expected given the rumors that surfaced last month, EA has finally brought back Dead Space at today's EA Play

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Obscure_Observer65d ago


Also amazing that nobody is complaining about gameplay for reasons. Lol.

65d ago
Vizigoth0465d ago

The lack of gameplay can be excepted when the rest of the show put people to sleep. Gamers value the IP above all the else.

RaidenBlack65d ago

IGN article states, the devs are aiming to be faithful to the original.

VersusDMC65d ago

It's a remake. We know what it's going to play like. Hopefully it's Demon souls PS5 level quality when it comes out.

bouzebbal65d ago

I love this Series i platinumed all of Them!!! Now what makes me nervous is it’s not called Dead Space 4.. I hope it is

Tacoboto65d ago

"I was about to complain about just that btw."

You are so the kind of person that goes to small restaurants just to complain that Subway has cheaper prices.

I'm excited for this Remake. No micro transactions confirmed at the announcement is a good sign, Motive has been through a lot so I'll gladly exercise patience until it's in a good place to show off.


That only happens when it's an exclusive reveal...

Seraphim65d ago

color me concerned. As I've said previous to the announcement I don't have faith in any EA team to touch Dead Space. Not to say they don't have some good teams or talent.... The original Dead Space was so dam good, it was, for all intensive purposes a perfect game. Regardless, it is Dead Space so it's good to see EA milking an old title that's beloved. because let's be honest here, that's all this is. They don't care about investing into a new IP or even trying to pick up Dead Space and reboot it. Personally, much as I love Dead Space [series] this is a hard pass until I see more of what exactly they are doing & just how well they make it. Coming from EA, at the end of the day we may have been better off getting nothing more than a good remaster appropriately priced instead of a remake. Hope I'm wrong but that's the reality of it imo

S2Killinit65d ago

Well thats stupid thing to say. How can people complain when they know the gameplay is DeadSpace? Its not like its a new game that could be hit or miss.

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SmielmaN65d ago

This is fantastic. Still have some of the old games collectors edition kit that my kids ask me about. Now they get to relive the horror with me!

UnSelf65d ago

Cmon man we need Viewtiful Joe 3. Not this!

CorndogBurglar65d ago

I mean, Viewtifil Joe would be awesome. But come on....DEAD SPACE!

Army_of_Darkness65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

What does viewtiful Joe have anything to do with EA?? That ip is from Capcom... On topic! Dead space!!! 😁😱👌 yesssss! 👍

Marcello65d ago

Looks like remake in Frostbite engine :-O

RaidenBlack65d ago

Wonder how's this going to stack up against Glen Schofield's Callisto Protocol?

Blade9265d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Hell I'm excited for both. I always wanted a dead space spiritual successor or a new Dead Space game remake or not. And now we got both!

annoyedgamer65d ago

EA is doing this to overshadow the Callisto Protocol. They shut down Visceral games after all.

JEECE65d ago

So awesome. Honestly I wouldn't have even cared about this if it was a PS4/XONE game; I can already play the version from one gen before that so there would have been no need. But this is awesome.

iplay1up265d ago

Really? Next Gen? We are in for a long wait since PS5 and Series Xbox just came out 9 months ago. (Joking) seriously it is current gen only.

Ristul65d ago

I bet it will be an online shooter with microtransactions.

SavageFlamingo65d ago

If you’re going to make absurd accusations, at least read about the game first.

Ristul65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

True, I didnt read about the game, my bad. 👍🙂

With that said, publishers have said similar before and then walked back on their word. We shall see.

RaidenBlack65d ago

IGN : Dead Space's remake follows in the footsteps of EA's Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and won't have microtransactions for players to worry about.

SenorFartCushion65d ago

It’s a remake. The game came out prior to MTX. Commenters and IGN marketing EA’s game for them, nice.

iplay1up265d ago

Someone didn't bother READING the article!

-Foxtrot65d ago

I can't wait, I adored the first two Dead Space games, I guess it's a full on remake, maybe in the style of Resident Evil 2's Remake where they'll make it a "retelling".

I just really hope they don't go down the first person route, there's not a lot of good solid third person horror games these days. Unless first person is optional then that's fine, more options the better for people.

Just use this new remake to erase Dead Space 3