Death's Door - Scratching The Tunic Itch

Pratyush writes - "We have been excited for Tunic ever since it was announced by Microsoft in the E3 of 2018. So much so that we’ve had to hold our breaths while enjoying little breadcrumbs of the game through a demo that has been a staple of multiple digital gaming events. Recently, Devolver Digital and Acid Nerve released Death’s Door, and having spent about 4 hours with it, I couldn’t help but feel that – people who are anticipating Tunic would definitely love this game."

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795d ago
LoveSpuds795d ago

Looking forward to Deaths Door when it eventually lands on PS5, game looks fabulous, I love the artstyle.


PlayStation Plus Monthly Games for August: PGA Tour 2K23, Dreams, Death’s Door

All playable August 1.

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Good to see Dream is a PlayStation plus Game played it when it came it and enjoy it wonder what there next game will was a big fan of little big planet.

VenomUK61d ago

Sony is giving Dreams away now that it’s stopping support for the game?! What boneheaded thinking - it should’ve given it away with PS Plus a long time ago so it had the best chance of building up a large userbase.

Akarogg 61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

They're not stopping support. The servers will still be open after September

fr0sty61d ago

I guess it would be a good time to share some of the games we've made. Once you get Dreams, if you have PSVR, check out "We Bowling in VR", my virtual reality take on Wii Bowling. I only got one level made, as I was waiting on PSVR2 and that support ended up not coming... but it is still lots of fun.

Then there's AAAssault, my modern take on missile command with motion controls and much faster-paced gameplay than the original.

Rocket Moto is my remake of Jet Moto, with some updated game mechanics that improve upon the original.

Those were my 3 most completed projects. I also was working on a modern day, VR enabled road rash, a top-gun style jet fighter game in VR, a double dragon style beat em' up, and a tower defense game.

EvertonFC61d ago

Lockdown was a perfect opportunity to give dreams legs by putting it on ps plus

DeusFever61d ago

Sony should have released Dreams for PS+ subscribers at launch. Great toolset. Great games from Media Molecule and the community. If you love games, you’ll love seeing what people have done in Dreams.

EvertonFC61d ago

Should have put dreams on ps plus during lockdown, missed opportunity imo.

MaximusPrime_62d ago

Brilliant. Both dream and golf. Perfect

DefenderOfDoom262d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Happy for Golf also . Here in the North East USA we have had brutal humidity and thunder storms for almost 30 days in a row. And looking forward to trying out Dreams too.

shinoff218362d ago

I'm in the northeast to in PA and yea it's been a brutal month for sure

MaximusPrime_61d ago

I've been playing PGA Tour 2k21 every Friday with my brothers online. All of us got this game last year on PS Plus. Just casual Friday evening gaming.

Great to see 2K23 coming on PS Plus, now we've invited one more to join us online. He joined PS Plus later so didn't get a chance to download 2K21 golf when it became free back then..

Not everyone likes golf but it's a freebie, so it's better than nothing.

SonyStyled61d ago

I actually enjoy the golf games but I’m not a fan of golf. My friends and I have also played the games like yourself. One night we played Rory’s PGA game for 10hrs straight, but this was locally and not online haha

Shane Kim62d ago

Dreams could be fun. Rest seems crap.

philm8761d ago

Death's Door is an incredible game, I urge you to check it out.

Elda62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

I own the game Dreams. The other 2 I'll pass. Another meh month for Essentials.

seanpitt2362d ago

Football, Basket ball and golf what next? Sony must be getting a good deal for these sports game!

62d ago
TheColbertinator61d ago

FoxQ is right

The microtransactions pay off entire yearly budgets if marketed properly

KUV197762d ago

Death's Door might not look like much, but I liked it a lot.

VersusDMC62d ago

Is it like tunic? I surprisingly really enjoyed that game.

After i finish my current Ender lillies addiction i might jump on Death's Door.

KUV197761d ago

Sorry, I didn't play Tunic.

KUV197761d ago

Seems like I need to play Tunic soon.