Death’s Door Is Enchanting, and It’s Everything I Want in a Game Right Now | Half-Glass Gaming

Half-Glass Gaming: "The Acid Nerve-developed, Devolver Digital-published Death’s Door is kind of an old school Zelda-like, but it’s also much more than just that. Death’s Door is one of the most complete games I’ve ever played. That’s to say that everything it does feels deliberate and meaningful."

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Tedakin65d ago

This game's reception has been amazing.

slowgamer65d ago

Sure is getting a lot of praise. Have to buy it at some point.

TheSanchezDavid63d ago

It's def one of the 2021's must-plays!

Wallace7865d ago

An adventure game is a video game in which the player assumes the role of a protagonist in an interactive story driven by exploration and/or puzzle-solving.

Shuckylad65d ago

Anyone know if the frame rate is locked at 60fps on pc? Or can it go higher?