Marvel’s Avengers Free Trial Starts Next Week for PS4, PS5 & PC, Xbox Getting It in “Coming Months"

Marvel's Avengers free trial starts next weekend for PlayStaiton and PC gamers, while Xbox gamers have to wait for it in the "coming months,"

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Darkborn60d ago

The launch of the game should have been a free trial.

excaliburps60d ago

They did launch a demo before release which got a lot of good feedback. That said, the launch itself and the roll out of content was abysmal. Clearly, CD didn't have enough content or experiience in handling a multiplayer game this big.

Darkborn60d ago

I know, I played it and almost nothing was fixed at launch. Your right though, the content has been dry.

lellkay60d ago

Unless they actually pay people to play it, they have zero chance.

NeoGamer23257d ago

I am waiting for the digital 80% off sale. I figure its worth a bargain bin price.

DuckOnQuack3560d ago

🤣 so happy this game failed.

Germaximus59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Game is very cool. The business model is terrible (same as most games) but the game rocks.

Spenok59d ago

I agree, if you don't play it like you're gonna die tomorrow, and pace yourself with the gameplay it's far more enjoyable. I haven't rushed anything and have quite enjoyed it. The consistent stream of new stuff is nice too. Looking forward to the next expansion.