The Best Sega Dreamcast Games

The Sega Dreamcast remains a beloved console among older gamers, not least for its extensive library of incredible games.

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darthv7266d ago

i love shmups on the DC. Mars Matrix is still my favorite to this day but others like Gigawing 2, Gunbird 2, Zero gunner 2, Under Defeat... etc are all fun to play.

Shuckylad66d ago

Absolutely. I own the games you mentioned. I also have a copy of border down. My favourite it is under defeat and the first gigawing. Problem is my official arcade stick is on its way out..

brewin66d ago

Man, Dreamcast really brought alot to the table for the time. Sega was way ahead of the game. When I think back though, theres one thing that often gets overlooked. That is how much of a role a certain company had in its creation and with helping Sega create the online gameplay service: Microsoft. Thats right, the DC was essentially a collaboration between MS and Sega! This gets overlooked often, but when you consider how similar the first Xbox was to the DC, you start to see how the DC legacy lives on thru the Xbox.

Dreamcast was basically the pre Xbox-box. What a glorious launch that thing had. 9/9/99 for $199. Right out the gate we had classics in Soul Calibur, Power Stone, NFL 2k, Hydro Thunder, and Sonic Adventure! I also grabbed Ready 2 Rumble, which was super fun. Then it only got better with Jet Set Radio, Metropolis Street Racer, NHL 2k, Shenmue, Res Evil Code Veronica, Crazy Taxi, etc. Good times and I am happy it gave Microsoft the experience they needed to launch the Xbox. a few short years after.

ApocalypseShadow63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

How cute. You try and turn an article about Sega games into a Microsoft love fest. Sure. Microsoft tried to partner with Sega. But Sega didn't use Microsoft's OS and developers used Sega's tools for development instead. Microsoft's OS was only bootable from disc only. Not built in. And, if they were a partner, how come they didn't help Sega in their financial need? Yeah. Great partner there.

As Microsoft stepped on the ashes of Dreamcast, they didn't stay with free online, they monetized it. Then raised the price of it. Then knowingly sold a broken system(RROD) to get a jump on Sony. Then, tried to take away game ownership with DRM 2013. Which lead Sony to whoop their behind thoroughly with PS4. Now, Microsoft is devaluing games and using them to push services like Windows. Which no longer has free programs built in.

Nice try in trying to make Microsoft look good in a Sega article about games.