The eFootball 2022 Reveal Was a Massive Disappointment

COG writes: After Konami released ‘New Football Game Online Performance Test’, many fans around the world were worried. Not only did it look underwhelming but the sluggish gameplay also created a sense of uncertainty amongst its followers. However, now that the full reveal has dropped, have Konami eased concerns?

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Nacho_Z66d ago

I've been a PES fan since the SNES, I haven't bought every game in recent years but not far off. I'm out now though. I don't play it online and the stuff I am interested in doesn't seem to be on their radar.

Thanks for the memories.

smolinsk66d ago

Yea thanks for the memories pes..

ToddlerBrain66d ago

This is why PES prices will soar sooner rather than later.

Crowm3466d ago (Edited 66d ago )

Thank you for amazing memories

fxa520966d ago

Konami trying to dump the long time loyal fans of game and attract a new generation with a new name,logo, and online focus. The online part was never a strength of PES, it was always better played offline with friends and family. I never thought I will say this, but I am jumping the ship to FIFA for the first time in 16 years.

Thank you Konami for killing an all time favorite game.

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