Level 5 will work exclusively for Sony if White Knight is a success?

There are a lot of game studios that work exclusively for Sony, while they aren't property of Sony. Some examples are Naughty Dog, Insomniac and Sucker Punch. Today a rumour emerged saying that Level 5 will also work exclusively for Sony. Click on read more for the full story.

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trpride3695d ago

Sony could really use some exclusive RPG's for Japan

hay3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

Would be great. Sony would kick ass with it's first/second party support even more. Let's just hope it sells great. Either way WKC is first day buy for me.
After those medicore games Square published lately I long for great RPGs.

Le-mo3695d ago

There's a reason why those developers chose to develop exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

1) Naughty Dog shouldn't be on the list since they are a property of Sony.

2) Sucker Punch have a multi game deal with Sony.

3) Sony funds all of Insomniac's projects hence why all of their recent IP's belongs to Sony.

gaffyh3695d ago

I know people hate hiphopgamer, but on one episode of his show I watched he said this rumour. And I think he was the first to say it, so if it's true, props to him.

I think on that show he also said that Sony is meant to be paying some 3rd party exclusives now cos MS was playing dirty.

Sitdown3695d ago

Your post might have went completely over my head......were you planning on naming the reasons why?

Beast_Master3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

According it Wikipedia Naughty Dog is owned by Sony, They are part of Sony Santa Monica studio's. Insomniac and Sucker Punch are not that is true.

Must be a typo. Bringing in Level 5 would put a nail in the RPG coffin if 5 RPGs really are in 1st party development.

EDIT: sorry someone already mentioned that about Naughty Dog.

Doppy3695d ago

If true this will be a huge boost to Sony's developer power (which is already one of if not the best overall).

This exact rumor was aired on the Hip Hop gamer show a while back, and since other sites are starting to post it now it just might be true. It would be a very wise move on Sony's part to go ahead and scoop them up into the family.

ChickeyCantor3695d ago

I hope not,
Why limit yourself to one console if there are more hungry gamers out there that are willing to buy your games too?
It wouldn't be a problem to me cause i own a PS3...but what about others?

Doppy3695d ago

You know what there has been a lot of talk about if Sony is done this gen and so on, but if take a look at what's going on then you should be worried about Microsoft.

Sony has bought Evolution Studios, have a PSN exclusive deal with Capcom, and may have an exclusive deal with Level 5. While MS is closing a majority of their studios. Sony is expanding it's company, while MS is trying to win the console war, so even if Sony doesn't win look at what they'll have going into the next generation.

Socom3695d ago

Lets face it. RPG lovers, home sweet home = PS brand

The Killer3695d ago

if WKC dont sell then why is sony owners whine about any exclusive going to 360? sony owners will have no right at all to complain about an exclusive going to 360, but on the other hand i believe WKC will have good sales since it will be the first real JRPG coming out and am sure there is many eager JRPG fans waiting for this game.

and one more thing, sony better advertise the hell of this game other wise they will pay for it dearly!!

ChickeyCantor3695d ago

6 disagrees( and soon to be more?),
Just shows how selfish people are =D

Danja3695d ago

But whats the sense of having 3 different consoles on the Market if you can't point out games to distinguish them all..

I hope Level 5 and Sony strike a multi-game contract....for because I really like all of Level 5 games....and just to be a lil fanboyish since M$ is stuffing SE pockets with cash , Sony should just hire the best RPG makers in the biz to work on there console exclusively..^.^

ChickeyCantor3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )


They are called First Party titles.
First party titles, i can understand.
But i do not think a company should limit themselves to one console, you create a bigger fanbase by going multiplat, more people will enjoy their games.

Honestly its just stupid.

For third part developers i see no reason why they hang on one console while there are hungry gamers waiting for great games.
Even though they don't say it, Some PS3 gamers want some xbox games and vice versa.

Danja3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

well I guess your right , but at the end of the day Sony/M4/Nintendo has a business to run and when your facing stiff competition from all angles you have to make sure that yur product has something that the others doesn't..

and you can't expect a Comapny to rely soley on 1sdt party games hence the deciding factor when it comes to games on each console would be rather slim..

M$ really doesn't have much 1st party devs , Nintendo has alot , but truth-fully speaking there's nothing out on the Wii right now coming from Nintendo that I would buy..waiting for Pikimin 3...and thats it.

PS3 has the most 1st but these games tend to take longer to be released because these are the games pushing the PS3 Sony/M4/Nintendo need exclusive 2nd/3rd party games to make there system seem more attractable to gamers....

im sure no-one was complaining back in the day when Square never made a FF game on a Sega why start now..

and to answer ur question....the only 360 game I want on the PS3 is Dead Rising plus the sequel...the others I can always play on PC...

Sevir043695d ago

But they cant.. they are independent just like Insomniac and factor 5 and sucker punch, the seocnd thing everyone has to learn is that because level 5 is independent, they are also contracted and or commissioned to do games for various publishers and platforms.. which is why they've done a myriad of suikoden titles and the successful dragon quest 8 with Square and Konami, in addition to Sony owned propertties.

and for this they are just awesome. I really dont see them going exclusive when they have 5 games in dev for nintendo right now the bulk of them for DS and 1 of them for Wii. then they also have 3 PSP titles in development, one slated for release next year in japan, and the one PS3 game that they have about to release this christmas in Japan. So this is just a wishful rumor.

I wish that were true, but i doubt sony would impose on making them first party when they already said they'd never work with MS again. so any next gen RPG property will automatically be funded by Sony since they have success with Sony, and they good developer relationships with Sony as it's platform Holder. So they are second party for sony. the PSP gets hot games from L5 and the PS3 is due for it's first.

ad this article fails.. Naughty Dog is first party. They were purchased by Sony in 2002. ^^ sucker punch and insomniac are independent studios that have very good relationships with Sony as a platform holder so they get second party status because Sony publishes there games. So they are exclusive to sony because of that. ^^

- Ghost of Sparta -3695d ago

Sony acquired Naughty Dog years ago.

Jecht3695d ago

If you're talking about the 360, don't bother. Level 5 is NEVER going to work with Microsoft after they canceled a game that was nearly complete.

acedoh3694d ago

with many companies that work closely with them. It's more than just selling millions of games it's being treated right and knowing that you will be given the resources for game development and advertising. SONY does an excellent job fostering these companies so they continue to produce great exclusives. Level 5 will help SONY secure the Japanese market even more for now and the future.

lokiroo4203694d ago


Its also about having the storage space and resources to be able to make a game that has you standing out and above the rest of the pack. Level % is obviously looking past their next title and want to stay with the console with a longer lifespan, although many box boys forget, ps3 will be here minimum 10 years, sale grow until then, unlike the four years plus with a 360.

darkdoom30003694d ago

exclusives need to exist. its the reason people buy diffrent consoles.

plus some companies have good friendships. isomanic and sony have a very good friendship. remember the manchester church incident of resistance 1? Sony did all the talking.

they get less profit, but their games get funded by that company, they can also optimize that game so it takes full advantage of the console.

And plus. exclusives will mean more people will be leaning towards that console. = (theoretoically) more sales = more support for the console = console owner is better off.

ChickeyCantor3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

" I'm sure no-one was complaining back in the day when Square never made a FF game on a Sega why start now.. "

Because if you think about it, it's lame that they didn't,
I'm sure lots of gamers wanted a FF on Sega.

I understand what you are saying, but i stand my ground, it's lame and stupid.
Gamers shouldn't be excluded just because they can't afford another console OR the fact that their nonsensical minds sets them to fanboy-ism.

Both MS and PS3 have other things to compete with like the online service, movies/streaming movies stuff like that.
If they buy level 5, sure why not...but its just stupid for a third party developer to limit themselves, I seriously don't see how any one would like to keep their work get out limited to certain people. While there are gamers screaming for the games alike.

I get that, [I] just think it's stupid, like i said i have a PS3 so i won't be bothered by this...but those other gamers?

I'm not talking about level 5 alone, goes for any GDC.

reonkaze3694d ago

i agree sony needs alot of exclusive rpg's to move some console. As far as why people say Level 5 should go multi by developing xbox360, did everyone forget that true fantasy issues with microsoft the company went through? first level 5 will never make games on microsoft system after that incident, second wii really isnt for hardcore gamers, sure it has a few games that i enjoy, however its design is for more casual users and group/party play. Level 5 enjoys a great relationship with sony since ps2< put them on the map and allowed level 5 to grow as a top tier developer>. For squareenix going multi makes sense as they enjoy good relationship with all 3 devlopers and higher revenue possibilibies, even if its a major blow to sony and alittle backstabbing in there as well, as sony bailed square out on more than one occasion. Only disappointment comes from the fact that what will happen to professor layten for ds and dragon quest new developer. If square doesnt want to make a dq for ps3, then somehow i think that level 5 will not go under square term, hence new developer.

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rebirthofcaos3695d ago

welcome to the new squaresoft XD

TOO PAWNED3695d ago

Naughty Dog IS OWNED by Sony, is it that hard to remember it?

TOO PAWNED3695d ago

Wow 3 people disagree on FACT, ridiculous.

FantasyStar3695d ago

Yah, apparently people don't know how to read, nor do some homework. If it was me, I'd hope for a Crash Bandicoot costume in R2 sometime in the future. How cool would that be?

Venomish3695d ago

they disagree because it is not hard to remember :P

SQWERCH3695d ago

1) is that you in picture? you look old enough to be my father.
2) dont you think you should get a life?

SuperM3695d ago

No jack-a-s-s, its Dennis Dyack. The guy who needed 10 years to make a flop.

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gamfreak3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

say that again, but SONY really needs to do more advertising in order to reach a mass potential customers.

gamfreak3695d ago

if sony really has the support from Level-5 than we can expect alot more great games in the future.

ravinash3695d ago

I like them to spend their money on making games....
But, It they advertise they can get more people to buy games and then make more money to make more games.
Its all a fine balancing act.

ultimolu3695d ago

They really need to let people know what the PS3 is about, or people will always fall back on the Wii or the 360. I don't think they should market like crazy but a few PS3 commercials wouldn't hurt.

Rhoic3695d ago

I'm saving up for a PS3 right now, as it's stupid to only own a Wii and 360. But you guys are right.. I've seen some really really bad ads from SONY lately. Things like how they promote blu-ray instead of actually promoting their games.. and when they do promote their games, they never say ANYTHING of what they are about.

darkdoom30003694d ago

Its quite amazing. ive been seeing a lot of playstation ads recently (live in NZ, europe has same ads.)

I always see thoes LBP ads on Tv, they suck, but still they are getting the message across.

I see a lot of BUZZ ones (buzz+singstar popular in PAL)

I see a lot of motorstorm ones too..

see some resistance ones (it just got released here :()

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Kingsora3695d ago

With some Level 5 RPG's Sony could probably take over the RPG market in Japan again ^^. Because now the RPG market is in the hands of Microsoft IMO