New Factor 5 project cancelled

Factor 5 is in financial difficulties, with the result that it has had to cancel a project, as evidenced by a deleted blog post of an employee at the company.

Sam Baker wrote in his blog about the issues that the developer, among other Lair and Rogue Squardon subject, which is one month workers have received no salary and his project was canceled.

"Without funding for the project where I worked, the company was forced to stop production," says Baker. "Unfortunately, I had unwisely much fun and we made enormous progress, a knife in my back." The last 8 months, Baker worked on the project, all for nothing. Baker and his team must look for another job.

Although the blog was deleted, it is still to read on NeoGaf. The original blog has been replaced by a new declaration of Baker, in which he explains that the press statements were wrongly interpreted. Is Baker for his rulings on the pad up to his employer?

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geda3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

that must really suck.

edit -- here's a direct link to the replacement blog in which baker explains the real story:

GVON3603d ago

I like Factor 5 especially for their N64 and GameCube games,they had a stunning engine

This was a cube launch title that pushed over 12 million polygons a second,and was made in less than 10 months,crazy.

JoySticksFTW3603d ago

You'll make plenty of money then

And I don't mean to rub salt in their wounds, but Factor 5 (and/or Sony) really should have added the analog control to Lair earlier, and not act so f'n stubborn. They could have made a lot of money before getting branded as "flop-making" game devs :(

Danja3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

I agree Rogue Squadron was one of the best Launch games..i've played..

I wonder what game got cancelled since I didn't read any info about Factor 5 making another game..

@GVON - thanx 4 the info..

b4 ne one comes in here stating that Lair was the reaosn Factor 5 is in this position , i'll have you know that Sony funded Lair development..^.^

GVON3603d ago

They were supposed to be making a wii game,and as ever rumors of a new 3D Turrican game.

Danja3603d ago

I dont even think the Motion Controls were that bad in Lair , it certainly didn't make the game unplayable , but I agree they should have made it an option , especially during air combat.

the targeting system was a huge problem , trying to master those 180 turns also was a B!tch and the repetitive mission..

other wise it was an

the media just ripped it to pieces still look good btw..

JBaby3433603d ago

Lair wasn't that bad. Most of it was people hating on the PS3 and since that game had high hopes and was supposed to show what the PS3 could do (it did show the PS3 was powerful as the game looks amazing) people took every little thing and blew it out of proportion. Analog controls should have been since launch that's true. If they had analog support the game would have been rated higher. I felt bad for Lair just from people hating on PS3 so much and looking for any reason to bring it down.

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jack who3603d ago

more like liar really(what a flop)

LarVanian3603d ago

What game is that? I have never heard of it.

SmokingMonkey3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

i would rather play Lair than play Too Human......yeah.

Biggest difference was that Lair wasn't in development for 10 years...........when you work on something for so long it should come out a master piece...see Sony games to see what i mean, we wait and get wait and get....Too Human?

oh and let's not forget ....Kameo!!! LOL

Capital G3603d ago

haha the halo effect still kickin

jack who3603d ago

Jump In...(if you wanna make sum money)

devilhunterx3603d ago

after everyone has jumped out?

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