Report: New EA Game Codenamed “Project C” for PS5 Surfaces on Amazon

A new EA game listing has surfaced on Amazon titled "Project C" and it's for PS5.

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XiNatsuDragnel67d ago

Interesting a new project from EA nani

thesoftware73066d ago

Should be revealed today at EA Play Live event.

I'm really hoping for Dead Space remaster trilogy, and a brand new game.

CaptainHenry91666d ago

Who's going to make the brand new game? The original developer's don't work for EA anymore.

BlaqMagiq166d ago

According to insiders it's going to be EA Motive. the team behind Star Wars Squadrons, if they're to be believed.

CaptainHenry91666d ago

It's not a brand new game though. It's just a remake. I'm getting tired of all these remakes (old games) for another $70 dollars

Eonjay66d ago

I forgot EA Play was today.

Timzster66d ago

Dead Space is long overdue for a remaster, or revival, remake, or continuation of sorts.

annoyedgamer66d ago

Callisto Protocol. Its made by the OG Dead Space makers after EA shut them down.

RaidenBlack66d ago

Project Cars (new) ? Coz they acquired Codemasters ...

excaliburps66d ago

That could be it or other stuff. Yeah.

Fonsecap66d ago

Project "C" aka Project "crap"

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