Why Ubisoft Won’t Make Another Splinter Cell Game

Jarren: There’s no shortage of frustration for Ubisoft why they would ignore players asking this type of content in favor. Unfortunately for us, don’t bother expecting another Splinter Cell game from Ubisoft. Possibly ever.

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Flawlessmic500d ago

When an article makes to much sense and upsets you :(

R.I.P Sam

outsider1624500d ago (Edited 500d ago )


F Ubisoft
F Konami

GamerRN499d ago

Ehhh of they just made a solid game, DLC sorry missions would solve that. Such a pointless article

zarbor500d ago

I would never defend Ubisoft but there are several things in this article I disagree with especially playing Splinter Cell from inception. So Ubisoft wanting to make money is not much different that every other gaming company in the world. Gamers are the dopey ones that fail to realize that money is the ultimate motivation to which I have no problem.

Where I disagree is that the article states that they can't make continuous money off of Splinter Cell by getting players to keep coming back. This person forgot that Splinter Cell had an online Spy vs Merc and a coop mode for a few of their games. There is tons of stuff they could have done to make gamers come back so I really don't think that's the reason.

No the reason we don't have Splinter Cell is almost the same reason we still don't have Beyond Good and Evil 2. That reason is Ubisoft leadership is poor and out of touch with gamers. Just look at what they did to the Splinter Cell franchise and how much they changed it up and not for the better. Chaos Theory is still the best in the series.

But lets not act like its only Splinter Cell they screwed up. Ghost Recon is all over the place. Their game directors and overall vision for their games are all over the place. Trust me, that begins with leadership. Just poor.

giovonni500d ago

It’s a got damn shame what they did to ghost recon!!! Too, and you’re on point. Splinter cell has so much life for them to just let it die like this is outrageous.

dreamed499d ago

Damn right brother 👍...I played svm from day one until the Xbox live servers went down.
I remember the last games we all had on the last day.
Xbox live has never had a multiplayer game I've played that much chaos svm.🤘

RosweeSon500d ago ShowReplies(1)
RosweeSon500d ago

“They’re either A) a competitive multiplayer game or B) a big sprawling open world map with tons of stuff to do. What do these two have in common? Simple. They’re both games designed to keep players playing for as long as possible”

What they should do is go with option C: make a quality timeless classic game 🤷🏻‍♂️. Designed to keep players playing as long as possible well make some fantastic games that aren’t outdated in 12 months. Nintendo have made games I play 30/35 years later. I’d barely play these Ubisoft games 6 months later (unless I bought it later as it was cheaper 🤣) season passes don’t keep the players playing, mainly as the content is dribble

Infenes500d ago

Fs in chat for our boy Sam.

PS: his depiction in R6S is an absolute joke.

foker500d ago (Edited 500d ago )

Why spoil our memories... Ubisoft only does decent or average formulaic games ,.. Cannot even remember the last time they released a really great game,.. Probably rayman legends on PS4/360

NotanotherReboot500d ago

pretty much as soon as the PS4 gens started Ubisoft got really shit

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